Themba: My Inked World – it’s flames from all sides

By Gen Terblanche29 August 2023

Themba: My Inked World – it’s flames from all sides

Big Brother Mzansi fans loved Themba Broly (Themba Karabo Mabaso) so much that they have, to date, raised half a million Rand to get him back on his feet after he revealed that his tattoo business, Rough Ink Tattoo, burned down. The spotlight stayed with Themba even as Biggie’s doors closed behind him in 2022 and he set about rebuilding. Ever since then he has been making waves on the gaming circuit, with his music, and with his personal life. Reality series Themba: My Inked World offers fans an intimate look at everything he’s been juggling behind the headlines.

And with Themba, there’s always something! In June 2023, Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 winner Mphowabadimo (Michelle Dimpho Mvundla), gave birth to her and Themba’s baby boy. The series dives into detail to reveal their behind-the-scenes struggles as Themba fumbled the pressures of a high profile career, fatherhood and family. It’s flames from all sides! 

Themba Broly in his reality series, Themba: My Inked World on Showmax

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Here are just five shocking reasons to watch the season. And yes, most of them revolve around Themba’s family issues – because they make his business life look like a day at the beach! 

When you ditch Bob the Builder

My Inked World had South Africa’s women buzzing when they saw how things were between Themba and his ex-girlfriend, DJ Nqobile Khuzwayo, who’s the mother of their two children. She supported him through his struggle years, then had to watch him fall in love with another woman in the public spotlight. And she reveals what it was like to become Boo Boo the Fool on social media because she thought they were back together after he left the Big Brother House … since he was living with her, in her flat. 

Themba Broly in his reality series, Themba: My Inked World on Showmax

With two kids at stake, though, she still has to go through the struggle that everyone in this series has with Themba – getting him to sit down and take the time to communicate thoughtfully instead of becoming defensive. When Nqobile tries to explain how co-parenting works, Themba treats her as if she’s acting “entitled”. Somebody get these two a headache tablet and a nap.  

When it’s a whole mother mess  

Have you ever sat there enjoying Biggie but wondering what the Housemates’ parents were thinking? Buckle up, babes, you’re about to find out. In episode 3, Mphowabadimo gathers her female relatives to reveal that she’s pregnant … after her family has already turned down the marriage proposal and dowry from Themba’s family! Her mom Elizabeth Mvundla’s expression does not give “joyous event!”. Eyes are rubbed under glasses. That gesture where you turn your hand up and put your fingers together so you can pinch every word and wave it at someone? There’s a lot of that.

Themba: My Inked World on Showmax

Later, though, the two discuss the real problem – getting Nqobile and Mpho on the same page – because mama Elizabeth has seen what Nqobile has posted about Mpho online and in her words, “She’s acting like you don’t have a mother.” But by the end of the episode there are clear warning signs that Themba (nearly 30 at the time of filming) isn’t convinced that he’s ready for marriage.  

When you won’t stop Ghosting

Episode 8 shows Themba sitting on his phone as if he’s manning the family’s service delivery switchboard. His callers are not happy! Listening to his uncle Pondos (Skhaleni on Isibaya) lecture him on his phone manners is like being at your friend’s house when his dad gives him the talking down of a lifetime. Awk. Ward.

It seems the problem with young “Karabo” is that when you call him, he lives up to his other nickname, The Ghost. But with a baby on the way, uncle Pondos is tapping his watch and telling him to man up and pick up the calls, wrap things up and get married before the baby arrives, even if the phone “stresses” him. 

Themba: My Inked World on Showmax

This is also the episode where it all falls apart for Themba and Mphowabadimo, because he ghosts her when they’re supposed to do a happy pregnancy photoshoot together in Cape Town. Thembaaaaaa, is that your phone ringing?! 

When it’s always 6-9 time

Themba and Mphowabadimo in Themba My Inked World

Uncle Pondos is left to nod and sympathise as Mpho complains about Themba flaking on her to hang out with his friends because Themba leaves them in the middle of a meeting to go to the toilet (6-9), and then he just doesn’t come back! We saw Themba blow up at Nqobile and walk out mid argument in episode 1 when the conversation demanded things of him. Now we see him act exactly the same way with Mpho. Friends, if your uncle has to go physically fetch you from the toilet like a naughty schoolboy, you’re making a point. But it might not be the point that you want to make.  

When you’re hustling for 14

This might be the most essential episode of the season to understand what’s really going on with Themba. Themba has been running himself ragged trying to live up to hustle culture, but it’s taking such a toll on his body that his mom confronts him about his weight loss. Themba tells her and his sister that he makes music, he runs a designer denim range, he shoots music videos and that when a gig comes, he has to take it. 

Themba Broly in his reality series, Themba: My Inked World

When mom confronts him about why he even took the gig that made him miss his flight to Cape Town for the shoot with Mphowabadimo, though, he admits that he had to, because he’d already spent the money … on his family. Themba breaks down and admits, sobbing, “I’m not in control of my life … Everybody is expecting a lot from me. It’s a lot! There are 14 people in this house. Nobody is working. Just leave me alone!”.

It’s a gut-wrenching discussion that captures what it’s really like being the first person in your family to break through.  

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