2 March 2018

Our top 5 characters on Auntie Boss

Who knew that a show about domestic workers in a typical Nairobi suburb and their employers would become so popular? While Auntie Boss writers have done an excellent job by depicting the power play between house helps and their bosses, everyone can agree that the show’s greatest weapon lies in the stellar performances of its characters who bring rib-cracking craziness that might get you literally rolling on the floor (that is, if you don’t control yourself).

Don’t let us stop you, Auntie Boss S1-7 is now available to stream or download on Showmax. Watch now »

We have rounded up our 5 favourite characters who have given us some of the most unforgettable moments on Auntie Boss.

1. Eve D’Souza as Varshita


Varshita is the kind of woman you would not wish on your worst enemy. She’s nagging, clingy, overly dramatic and psychotic enough to fake her own death and pretend to be her twin sister – Vartisha – just so she can keep the love of her life Donovan (played by Maqbul Mohammed). At one point, she wears a disturbing horror mask just so she can scare away Don’s sister. And here you thought there couldn’t be anyone crazier than your significant other. Listen, mate, Varshita will humble you hands down. Watch now »

Check out Eve D’Souza’s interview on Auntie Boss here.

2. Nyce Wanjeri as Shiru


Shiru is the real MVP of the show, warming your heart with her clueless antics that can sometimes get her in trouble. But she seems to care less about what other people think and more about enjoying herself. Remember when she started wearing her employer’s old clothes and selling them to make money on the side? And no, she doesn’t sneak around while doing it. There was also that time she thought the world was coming to an end and started preaching in the neighbourhood and distributing her “earthly possessions.” It is for this role that Wanjeri has been nominated twice – Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama at the 2015 Kalashas and Best Lead Actress in a TV Series at the 2015 Riverwood Awards – because honestre (as Shiru would say), there has never been a funnier character on local TV. Watch now »

3. Sandra Dacha as Silprosa


Silprosa is the kind of house help who will finish the entire dinner while cooking it and still have room for any snacks left in the cupboard. She speaks her mind and doesn’t think twice about reprimanding her boss for his taste in women or putting Varshita in her place, often inserting hilarious vernacular exclamations in her tirades. Mess with her and you will experience her wrath, she’s unapologetic about her temper and her gluttonous ways. For this role Dacha won Best Supporting Actress at the 2017 Riverwood Awards. Watch now »

4. Maqbul Mohammed as Donovan/Don


Donovan is Varshita’s reluctant boyfriend, a man who has been through hell and back in the name of love just because Varshita is not the kind of woman you shake off easily. When he’s not being stalked and spooked in his own house, he is being coerced into a marriage proposal by a woman who doesn’t mind putting him in a cast if it means she will have to take care of him. And to think that this toxic love has transcended into a spin-off now airing on M-Net’s Maisha Magic East. Watch now »

Check out this interview where Maqbul talks about his character Donovan.

5. David Opondoe as Victor Mayweather


Mayweather is Don’s best friend, Silprosa’s employer and the neighbourhood’s most “extravagant” resident, from the way he praises himself to the big words he uses to express even the most mundane things because, well, a man must boast. How else will the world know that he is doing well for himself? Because he’s a lover of big words, phrases like “your malignance is bringing such a great disturbance to my existence,” are normal things to say in the Mayweather household. Watch now »

Other honourable mentions include Sospeetah Kiritu as Amos, Abdul Karim Athman as Cosmas, Grace Muna as Vanessa and of course the resident villainous maid Gloria Owichira as Ndinda (be warned, hide your husbands around this one). Watch now »

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