Top comedy performances you must watch on Showmax

20 March 2019

Top comedy performances you must watch on Showmax

I don’t know how it works elsewhere but in Kenya, there is an unwritten rule that we must find humour in our problems as a country lest they consume us. We find humour in our broken system, in our bad politics and in our unending scandals headlines; we even find humour in our meme-genic president.

Call it cliché or whatever but laughter really is the best medicine, as memes and good comedy TV shows have taught us. From progressive classics like Will & Grace to more brutal rib-crackers like the Comedy Central Roast of Somizi; from socially conscious shows like Black-ish to cringe-worthy ones like Sally4Ever –  comedy undeniably makes everything better.

Ready to release some tension? Or maybe you are just looking to experience a good hearty laugh? Check out these top comedy performances on Showmax.

Tali’s Wedding Diary | Showmax Original

The mockumentary Tali’s Wedding Diary, Showmax’s first Original, follows bride-to-be Tali (DIY YouTuber Julia Anastasopoulos), an overbearing, social-media obsessed diva, as she plans her big wedding while being a pain to those around her – a story inspired by Julia’s own wedding.

A favourite among viewers with over a million views on Showmax and counting, Tali’s Wedding Diary bagged five awards at the recent South African Film and Television Awards, including Best Comedy and Best Actress for star Julia.

Catch Tali’s Wedding Diary on Showmax. Watch now »

Trippin With Skhumba | Showmax Original | New episodes every Thursday

South African award-winning comedian Skhumba finds a new hobby on Showmax – hopping from town to town in his van as he visits his six comedian friends in their hometowns. Showmax’s third Original, Trippin with Skhumba explores South Africa’s humour through the eyes of some of SA’s biggest comedians, their experiences and their struggles growing up that made them the entertainers they are today. This is as real as comedy gets.

Trippin With Skhumba is now streaming on Showmax. The first four episodes are up, with new ones landing every Thursday. Watch now »

Comedy Central Roast of AKA

AKA is arguably the king of hip hop in South Africa (not now, Cassper), but can he take some verbal lashing and prove his talent when it comes to comedy? In the Comedy Central Roast of AKA, the rapper is put on the spot as he faces off against actress Pearl Thusi as the Roast Master and an elite panel of Roasters who hold nothing back when it comes to unleashing spicy humour.

Can AKA handle the heat like he does with his rap beefs? Only one way to find out. Catch the uncut and uncensored Roast of AKA on Showmax. Watch now »

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