Ultimate Love: #Bolar under fire as #Iykeresa escape nomination for the 2nd-week running

9 March 2020

Ultimate Love: #Bolar under fire as #Iykeresa escape nomination for the 2nd-week running

Bolanle and Arnold a.k.a #Bolar are not the most wanted love guests in the Ultimate Love Pad right now and this much was evident on Sunday’s live eviction. The pair racked up a whopping six nominations from a total of nine couples left, much to the surprise of the live audience.

Other couples who were nominated for checkout include #Roksie who got four nominations, #Jelo, #Preshdavid and #Chivia with two nominations and #DoubleChris and #Jaykech with one nomination each. While #Obiebi and fan favourites, #Iykeresa escaped nominations for the second week in a row.

Sunday’s live nomination was preceded by the exit of Jerry and Merriton aka #Jerriton from the love pad. The couple, who had been up for nomination alongside #Jerriton, #Obiebi, #Roksie, #DoubleChris, #Bolar, #Jaykech, #Jelo and #Chivia, emerged as the second couple to be checked out of the Love Pad.

Speaking on what the future holds for them, Jerry shared that he liked Merriton’s vibe and would love to get to know her more once back in the real world. He, however, pointed out that he would be taking his time with things, a sentiment which Merriton echoed, saying “We don’t want to fake it”.

As usual, the couple who checked out participated in the Deal or No Deal-inspired game which sees checked out love guests pick which to be opened from a selection of portmanteaus. The lucky couple stuck with their original portmanteau from the Love Pad which bore their names and won N600,000.

Meanwhile, it was another activity-filled week in the Love Pad as the love guests learned all about the rich culture of the Benin kingdom including bead making and traditional songs. The week culminated in a crowning ceremony which the love guests beautifully put together.

As the show moves into its fifth week, the drama continues as things are bound to get even more interesting with the multiple votes racked up by #Bolar, and with #Roksie on the chopping block for the third week running.

As usual, voting kicks off Tuesday at 20:30. 

Watch the weekly highlights from Ultimate Love online on Showmax, as well as the Nomination & Elimination shows, also available on Showmax.

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