Ultimate Love: It is game over for #Jelo and #DoubleChris feel the heat

16 March 2020

Ultimate Love: It is game over for #Jelo and #DoubleChris feel the heat

Love guests Jenny Koko and Louis have reached the end of their stay at the Ultimate Love Pad as the couple were checked out on Sunday 15 March. The couple had been up for nomination alongside #Roksie, #Bolar, #Chivia and #Preshdavid.

Earlier in the week #Jelo and #Preshdavid had visited the Upbeat centre to participate in Aunty’s Monday task. #Preshdavid emerged winners thus earning immunity from getting checked out for the week. Also, as part of their task for the week, the love guests explored the Nupe culture of Niger state and put together a drama sketch which featured Nupe traditional costumes, songs and dance.

Back on stage with Oluwaseun P upon their exit from the Love Pad, #Jelo talked about their other love interests in the house. Louis revealed that he had also been attracted to Theresa and would have checked out voluntarily if he didn’t get paired with either her or current partner, Jenny Koko. On her part, Jenny said she had been attracted to Arnold but felt that her friend Bolanle needed him more. After their chat with Oluwaseun P, the couple proceeded to play the Jeopardy-derived game which saw them walk away with one hundred thousand naira.

Meanwhile, #DoubleChris felt the heat on the live nomination show as they received a total of four votes, the highest this week. This would be the highest number of nominations the couple have received since the start of live nominations. #Jaykech came next with three nominations while #Bolar, #Iykeresa and #Obiebi got two nominations each and #Chivia, #Preshdavid and #Roksie had one each.

As usual, voting kicks off Tuesday at 20:30. 

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