Ultimate Love: it’s goodbye to #Jaykech

23 March 2020

Ultimate Love: it’s goodbye to #Jaykech

Jay and Nkechi of #Jaykech became the latest couple to be checked out of the Ultimate Love Pad on Sunday’s live eviction show. #Jaykech had been nominated for possible check out alongside #DoubleChris, #Iykeresa and #Obiebi.

After saying their goodbyes to their fellow love guests, the couple made their way to the stage but not before Dakore had a chat with Aunty Adesuwa. Speaking on the progress the love guests had made since they got into the Love Pad, Aunty shared that the couples had gotten much closer and went on to reveal that she expected as much as three proposals by the end of the season. 

Next up, Jay and Nkechi were ushered on stage for a chat with Oluwaseun P. Speaking on how he felt about the eviction, Jay revealed that regardless of anything, he considered himself blessed and happy to have found Nkechi. On how she knew Jay was the one, Nkechi said Jay remained focused and fought hard for her hand. After their chat with Oluwaseun P, the couple played the usual game of Jeopardy for checked out love guests and won 500,000 naira. 

Back in the house, the love guests had another informing past week as they explored the culture of North-West Nigeria, specifically Kano state. Love guests were taught to make traditional Kano dishes like tuwo shinkafa as well as cane craft baskets.

Sunday’s live eviction show brought about the usual live nomination which sees love guests nominate one another for possible checkout. This week, #DoubleChris felt the heat once again as they got a total of 4 nominations. #Roksie, #Iykeresa, #Obiebi and #Preshdavid had 2 nominations while #Bolar and #Chivia had one nomination each.

Voting kicked off Sunday at 9.30pm and ends Thursday 8.30pm.

Watch the weekly highlights from Ultimate Love online on Showmax, as well as the Nomination & Elimination shows, also available on Showmax.

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