Unlocked (2017)
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21 September 2020

Unlocked (2017)

After an operation in Paris fails, CIA agent Alice Racine moves to a post in London, working undercover in an area known as a hotbed of Islamic extremism. She’s called back into the field as an interrogation officer when the agency learns that a well-known radical imam is planning a biological attack on an American target in Britain.

She soon realises that she’s a pawn in a dangerous game, and, not knowing who to trust, goes on the run accompanied by an opportunistic burglar with some special skills.

This twisty thriller stars Noomi Rapace as Alice, with Orlando Bloom as burglar Alcott, Michael Douglas as CIA Paris Station Chief Eric Lasch, John Malkovich as CIA Europe Division Chief Bob Hunter and Toni Collette as the MI5 Intelligence Chief.

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