15 August 2019

Utatakho S4-7

It’s a conversation point in just about every community. From mothers wanting to prove their children’s paternity to individuals piecing together their lives, Utatakho is there to help, and Nimrod’s warm, understanding presenting style puts his subjects at ease. He doesn’t come across as demanding. He asks the questions that need answering, showing everyone the respect they deserve.

Nimrod’s role extends to counsellor when the results of the DNA paternity tests are revealed because it’s not always easy to accept that you’ve got a child after years of denial (even if you’re lying to yourself). The show isn’t here to cause scandal like the infamous Jerry Springer Show. It’s helping people with their lives and getting them professional help.

In a world where family responsibility is sometimes sorely neglected, Nimrod and his reality series Utatakho are worth the watch. It may even inspire you to get help if you’re in the same position.

Seasons 4-7 are now on Showmax.

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