Watch Lockdown S1 episodes free on YouTube
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16 January 2020

Watch Lockdown S1 episodes free on YouTube

Update: These episodes of Lockdown are no longer on YouTube. But the full boxset is available to stream on Showmax, from the very beginning. Stream the boxset of Lockdown now.

We cannot wait for Lockdown Season 5, set to launch exclusively on Showmax from 30 January 2020. To get ready, we’ll be bingeing the first four seasons again – and the great news is that the first four episodes of Season 1 are now available on to watch online free on YouTube, for a limited time only.

With six SAFTA awards under its belt and an insanely talented pool of actors, we’ve decided to walk you down memory lane and remind you why Lockdown is one of South Africa’s most riveting local productions.

Here are some of our favourite OMG moments from the first season.

Monde’s wrongful arrest

Rising star Monde finds herself on the wrong side of the law after she’s busted for possession of drugs at the airport. 

Monde willingly holds her boyfriend Zake’s small bag as he heads to the bathroom, having no clue about what’s inside. Upon his return, Zakes realises that Monde is in trouble when he sees a police dog sniffing around her luggage. Of course, he does nothing to help her, and she’s arrested. Monde is found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Nothing could have prepared Monde for her terrifying experiences at Thabazimbi Women’s Correctional Facility. Her first mistake is befriending prison bully Tyson. This leads to a chain of events that will force Monde to either sink or swim.

MaZet’s failed walk to freedom

After being held behind bars for many years, MaZet only has 10 days left until she leaves prison. 

During these last days with her inmates, MaZet is determined to be on her best behaviour.  Unfortunately for her, there are several people inside and outside of prison who are hell-bent on keeping her imprisoned for a long period of time.

Tyson’s vulnerability

Tyson may come across as a bully who causes havoc wherever she goes. But, when it comes to her little brother, we finally get to discover Tyson’s vulnerable side.

Although Tyson is aware that her ailing brother has limited time to live, due to cancer, she’s still hopeful that he will pull through.

Sadly, during their weekly phone calls, Tyson hears the devastating news of her brother’s death – she then spirals into a path of destruction and begins to drag everyone down with her.

MaZet’s dramatic prison escape

The thought of spending another 15 years in prison eats away at MaZet daily, especially considering that she’s innocent. She then plots her escape, but two other prisoners want to tag along. What unfolds next is a series of events that land all three prisoners in grave danger.

Watch to find out what her enemies do to keep MaZet on the inside. We won’t tell you more, but suffice it to say that you’ll be seeing a lot more of this prison matriarch in coming seasons …

Watch Lockdown S1 Ep 1-4 on YouTube, then binge the first four seasons on Showmax. Lockdown S5 is coming exclusively to Showmax from 30 January 2020, with two new episodes dropping weekly for five weeks.

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