Where’s Waldo?
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3 March 2020

Where’s Waldo?

He may be known to many of us as Wally, but call him what you will, you’ll definitely recognise this cute character in his stripey red and white jersey and bobble hat. After all, recognising Wally/Waldo is the point of the many books, puzzles, toys and TV shows inspired by this iconic cartoon.

This brand-new series, which has won the 2020 award at Kidscreen for the Best New Pre-School Series, follows young members of the WorldWide Wandered Society on their exciting missions around the globe. Waldo and Wenda are sent on their adventures by their mentor, Wizard Whitebeard, and while they have plenty of fun, their rival, Odlulu, is never far away, trying to cause trouble and stop them from earning stripes and becoming wizard-level wanderers.

Commonsense Media says it’s “entertaining and colourful”, saying: “It shares lots of details about a range of countries and cultures that children can easily understand. Meanwhile, as Waldo and his friends travel around the world, they also demonstrate the importance of finding ways to problem solve, the value of teamwork, and the beauty of making new friends around the world. True to form, each episode also features a few “where’s Waldo?” moments, during which time viewers can actively search for the junior wanderer in a scene full of iconic red and white stripes. This combination of learning and fun is appealing to kids, but chances are that it will attract Waldo fans of any age.”

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