Which Unmarried character are you?

22 February 2019

Which Unmarried character are you?

We can all relate to the women of Unmarried. Brenda, Thembi and Lesego are best friends who, like many others out there, are trying to navigate through life’s ups and downs. While catching up on the first season of the hit drama series on Showmax, decide for yourself which of the women is most like you.

Heartbroken Brenda

If you’ve watched Being Mary Jane, you’ll probably be able to point out the similarities between Mary Jane and Brenda. They’re both strong and successful women who are admired by many. But they just can’t get it right when it comes to relationships.

On the first episode of Unmarried we were introduced to Brenda and her husband, Donald. They seemed like the perfect couple until Brenda found out that her man had betrayed her in the most unthinkable way – by marrying another woman.

This obviously messed her up and she ended their 10-year relationship. Now Brenda has found herself back in the dating game and it’s not going great at all. She’s met and slept with a couple of people (including a security guard). Her experience is something that a lot of people have been through.


Ride-or-die Thembi

On the other side of town, there’s Thembi, who has been with her man, Bongani, since they were in high school. Although there’s genuine love in their relationship, money is something that they struggle with. You’ve probably heard people saying that love doesn’t pay the bills, and Thembi can attest to that.

It’s always cute and heartwarming when two people are in love. They make you believe in love and all the nice things that come with it, but no matter how good they are together, when there’s no money in the relationship, things can quickly take a turn for the worst. Thembi is in the worst situation because she loves her money and wants the relationship to work. But there’s only so much she can take, especially after discovering that Bongani had lost his job and she had to watch her furniture being repossessed. Will Thembi continue to be a ride or die, or will she leave her broke man? There are probably a few women who can see themselves in Thembi.

Lesego, the carefree gold-digger

Lesego lives for the finer things in life and, unlike her besties, she wants men who can support her financially (even if they’re married). You’ve probably seen someone like her in your circle of friends – she gets expensive gifts and trips around the world, and money is not an issue for her.

But you can’t live this kind of life for long. We were shocked when Lesego’s married sugar daddy told her that their relationship had reached its expiry date. Does Lesego remind you of someone you know? Probably!

There’s a reason so many women love this show. Stream Unmarried now on Showmax to see why Brenda, Thembi and Lesego are so relatable.

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