Who’s the scariest witch of them all?

By Siya Ben30 September 2020

Who’s the scariest witch of them all?

Whether you believe witchcraft is real or not, these frightening Mzansi witches make for magic TV. We’ve seen talking snakes, people sacrificing babies and other really dark things and have been introduced to some really strong witches. So, who’s the most powerful of them all?

Heartless MaMngadi – The Herd

MaMngadi always gives a show and we are here for it. From summoning evil spirits, threatening to end her children’s lives and getting rid of anyone who stands in her way, MaMngadi sure takes witchcraft to a whole new level. She’s shown that when it comes to casting spells and dark magic, she has all the right skills. Some even believe that no one does witchcraft better than her.

If you think witches have limits, then you clearly haven’t seen this woman in action. Remember how she convinced her husband to sacrifice his first wife? Or how about that time she wanted him to kill his own daughter several years later?


Mention the worst possible thing a person can do and well, MaMngadi has probably done it! The character played by Winnie Ntshaba became so popular that some people were convinced that Winnie was a real-life witch. Now that’s how you carry a storyline.

Killer combo Schotho (and NomaRussia) – Igazi

Schotho must have gone to witchcraft private school (if it exists) because that is one scary woman. Have you ever watched a TV character and immediately got frightened just by looking at her? And no, we’re not joking here. Oh, and there’s that snake of hers – her “husband”. She also has dark spirits that show her things that are about to happen.

Schotho faithfully serves her cousin, NomaRussia, and these two are a dangerous team together. The first episode of Season One demonstrated this perfectly. NomaRussia rushed to Schotho and instructed her to kill the king. “I don’t want the king to see the day tomorrow.” What NomaRussia wants, NomaRussia gets. The king was dead that very same evening after being killed by a snake. Did we mention that these two casually drink frog tea like it’s no big deal? Yes, frog tea is a thing, people!

Power-hungry Chigane – Omen

Omen is all about witchcraft. The show has some of the scariest scenes we’ve seen on local television and perhaps one of the most memorable witches named Chigane. Not only is she stylish, but she’s also power-hungry and will do whatever it takes to have her way.

Chigane is not to be messed with and she made it clear after killing the king. Her mission was clear: to wipe out the late king’s entire bloodline and resurrect her family. We didn’t know that people could be brought back to life, by the way. But it seems nothing is impossible if you’re a witch.


Chigane’s determination saw her making a deal with someone from the dark side, promising to trade the soul of a loved one in order to accomplish her mission. “I will deliver the soul of someone I love with my whole heart. Then she agreed to help her kill the king’s heir and his entire family,” Chigane promised. How many people would sacrifice the people they love for their own selfish reasons?

Witchcraft addict Mchete – Isikizi

Although Mchete isn’t a witch, he’s not afraid to use witchcraft medicine to gain power.

His most horrific act was when he kills a young woman and smeared her blood all over his body as a means to gain more power and to be feared.

To make this Mchete character even more creepy, he also hides a huge frog in his room and speaks to it when he needs guidance on his next evil plan.

The untouchable Nkabinde (Isibaya)

For many seasons of Isibaya we’ve watched Nkabinde cheat death so many times, even viewers became irritated at his ability to resurrect himself.

Every villain that appears on the telenovela seeks Nkabinde’s services and are always pleased with the results.

The good guys always attempt to kill Nkabinde but their attempts prove futile. However, there is a breakthrough in Season 4 when Nkabinde is burned alive – his death marks the official end of Nkabinde’s evil run.

If these witches went up against each other, who would win? You can watch them in action on The Herd, Omen, Igazi, Isikizi and Isibaya on Showmax.

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