Devilsdorp: The who’s who

10 August 2021

Devilsdorp: The who’s who

Once you’ve watched Devilsdorp, the documentary that traces the incredible, horrifying story of the Krugersdorp Killings, you’ll definitely want to know more about the case. Start with this cheat sheet of the main characters in this incredibly complex story, and then listen to Devilsdorp: The Companion Podcast, created by Nicole Engelbrecht of True Crime South Africa. Find it here, on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

The information below contains some spoilers for Devilsdorp.

The members of Electus Per Deus

  • Cecilia Steyn

The mastermind behind Electus Per Deus (EPD), she portrayed herself as a 42nd-generational Satanic witch trying to escape Satanism so that she could infiltrate Overcomers Through Christ (OTC), a Christian group trying to save people from the occult. Serving 13 life terms plus 155 years.

  • Marinda Steyn

A popular high school teacher, she became closely involved in the criminal activities of EPD. Serving 11 life sentences plus 115 years in jail.

  • Le Roux Steyn

Marinda’s son, he was also at the centre of EPD but turned state’s witness. Currently serving 25 years for his crimes.

  • Marcel Steyn

Marinda’s daughter. A successful student who achieved six distinctions in Matric, Marcel was introduced to murder at the age of 14 when her mother took her along to witness her killings. Sentenced to seven life terms for the murders she was involved in as an adult, plus 144 years.

  • Zak Valentine

Zak Valentine and his wife, Mikeila Valentine (who eventually became one of EPD’s victims), were members of EPD. Once a devout Christian, the insurance broker became heavily involved in murder and fraud. He’s currently serving eight life terms plus 93 years.

  • John Barnard

Former drug addict John Barnard became enmeshed in the group’s activities. He later turned state’s witness and is currently serving 20 years.

The victims

  • Joy Boonzaier: 10 September 1949 – 26 July 2012

The elderly neighbour of Natacha Burger.

  • Natacha Burger: 1 February 1979 – 26 July 2012

A member of OTC accused of causing deaths by praying the so-called “Dangerous Prayer”.

  • Pastor Reg Bendixen: 27 November 1936 – 13 August 2012

OTC leader Ria Grunewald’s mentor and friend.

  • Mikeila Valentine: 18 December 1986 – 4 October 2012

The wife of Zak Valentine who tried to leave EPD.

  • Peter Meyer: 12 August 1964 – 27 November 2015 and Joan Meyer 30 August 1968 – 27 November 2015

Peter Meyer employed EPD member John Barnard. The members of EPD believed a large amount of cash was kept at their home.

  • Jarod Jackson: 1 June 1974 – 16 December 2015

A street vendor befriended by Cecilia Steyn.

  • Glen McGregor: 10 May 1958 – 27 January 2016

A tax consultant from Randfontein, and the first of the Appointment Murder victims.

  • Anthony Scholefield: 24 December 1951 – 10 May 2016

A financial consultant.

  • Kevin Mc Alpine: 11 June 1986 – 26 May 2016

Also a financial consultant.

  • Hanlé Lategan: 17 September 1963 – 30 May 2016

An estate agent and the group’s last victim.

Possible additional victim of Electus Per Deus

  • Lourens Swarts: died 15 February 2011

Although the official verdict was suicide, Lourens was acquainted with the members of EPD and questions remain around his death.

The journalists and experts in Devilsdorp

  • Jana Marx

Journalist and author of the book The Krugersdorp Cult Killings. She narrates the documentary.

  • Melodie van Brakel

Resident of Krugersdorp who attended the Know Your Enemy Courses. She knew Ria Grunewald.

  • Kezia McAlpine

Kevin McAlpine’s widow. Kevin McAlpine was the second-last victim to die at the hands of EPD.

  • Marizka Coetzer

Journalist and author of the book Outcast.

  • Francois Lategan

The son of estate agent Hanlé Lategan, EPD’s last victim.

  • Brig. Manie Victor

Retired as the head of Gauteng’s crime intelligence unit, he was at that stage (2016) head of the police’s provincial “war room”, where senior members of the police analysed their province’s crime patterns and laid down guidelines for the local police. Brigadier Victor took over on 31 May 2016.

  • Captain Ben Booysen

Investigating officer: award-winning police officer who on numerous occasions has been designated the top investigator in the Hawks.

  • Ilse van Dijk

Mikeila Valentine’s mother.

  • Dr Kobus Jonker

Occult specialist and former head of the SAPS Occult Related Crime Unit.

  • Captain Johan Van Wyk

SAPS Investigating officer of the murders that took place in 2012.

  • FH Havinga

Psychological counsellor. He trained Ria Grunewald to help people who said they were trying to escape the occult or Satanism.

  • Louis Awerbuck

Clinical psychologist. He also worked for SAPS in the 90s.

  • Madelaine Swarts

The sister of possible victim Lourens Swarts.

  • Candice Rijavec

A friend of Ria Grunewald, she also knew Cecilia well.

  • Shane Chatzkelowitz

Life insurance forensic specialist. Shane investigated the R3.5 million life insurance claim in the name of Zak Valentine.

  • Tinie Burger

Natacha Burger’s father.

  • Mr X

Living under witness protection. Mr X knew the members of EPD and attended the Know Your Enemy course, becoming closely acquainted with Cecilia. He wasn’t comfortable with the course and decided to leave the group. He met on various occasions with Colonel X, a police officer at the centre of an ongoing investigation into the conduct of some of the cops connected to the case. Hear more about Colonel X in the recorded Devilsdorp Twitter Space.

  • Adv. Gerrit Roberts

State prosecutor Advocate Gerrit Roberts SC was the deputy director of public prosecutions in Johannesburg.

  • Lorna Schroder and Yvonne van Schalkwyk

Glen McGregor’s sister and cousin.

  • Candice Ellison

The fiancee of murder victim Jarod Jackson. She knew most of the members of EPD.

Other notable names

  • Ria Grunewald

A devout Christian, Ria Grunewald formed the group Overcomers Through Christ with the aim of tackling Satanism and rehabilitating Satanists. This was how she met Cecilia Steyn, and how Cecilia befriended the other members of what would become EPD. A fallout between Ria and Cecilia sparked the 2012 murders.

Ria’s face is never shown in Devilsdorp at her request and she now lives under an assumed name. Find out more about Ria Grunewald in the recorded Devilsdorp Twitter Space.

  • Morné Harmse

Known as the Samurai Killer, Morne was a Matric pupil at a Krugersdorp High School who, on 18 August 2008, donned a mask and used a sword to kill another pupil and wound three other people. His actions were linked to Satanism in the public’s mind (although there’s no evidence of his involvement in the religion) and it’s speculated that this incident inspired the formation of Overcomers Through Christ.

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