Why every episode of iKhaya is worth watching

15 April 2019

Why every episode of iKhaya is worth watching

One thing we’ve learned about secrets is that they always have a way of coming out. It might take some time, but just know that nothing gets hidden forever. Mzansi Magic’s iKhaya has proven this to all of us. The show has taught us that one should never get too comfortable with lies, because what happens in the dark always gets exposed. In iKhaya, every single episode is strong.

So what makes iKhaya worth binge-watching from the beginning? Well, we’re glad you asked as season 2 just dropped on Showmax.

The writing is exceptional

There are certain shows that hook you from the first moment. Sometimes it’s because of the talented actors and how they portray their characters, and other times it’s because of the captivating story and beautiful writing. While IKhaya has excellent actors (Sphamandla Dhludhlu and Saint Seseli to name a few) the script seems to have made their jobs a lot easier. It’s always a good thing to see actors flourishing on screen because they have the support of a good storyline and gripping dialogue.

Every single episode of iKhaya leaves you excited and in suspense. We think what makes the show stand out is the fact that there’s always something to talk about after every episode and it makes you want to tune in for more.

Everybody has a secret

We’ve noticed that most shows usually have one or two people who are hiding big secrets. However, on iKhaya it seems like everybody has something to hide, and it’s not just small things that can easily go away. We’re talking about major lies and cover-ups that are strong enough to break families.

The first episode sets the tone for the rest of the season. This is where we all find out that Eddie (Saint Seseli), who is a committed and loving husband and father, actually has two wives who know nothing about each other. Imagine having to please both wives and kids who live in different provinces. Now that takes a lot of commitment.


Every character is important

You know how TV shows work, right? There are usually one or two main characters, and the rest of the cast members have supporting roles. IKhaya, on the other hand, makes sure that every single character has an important role to play on the show. You won’t find yourself sitting and thinking, “what’s the point of this person?” because every role carries the show.

Make sure you catch iKhaya S1-S2 right now on Showmax.

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