Wura Season 1 episodes 69-72 recap: “Your brother, my son, is gone”

25 May 2023

Wura Season 1 episodes 69-72 recap: “Your brother, my son, is gone”

“How do you feel knowing your own grandson likes men?” Tony asks his mum in the first episode of this week’s Wura. She replies that her feelings do not matter; Lolu is family and his sexuality changes nothing. She adds that he isn’t the first Adeleke man to prefer men over women. Tony is taken aback but this revelation serves as a poignant reminder that nothing is truly unprecedented. 

She comforts and provides solace as he worries over Lolu. Although Tony has taken most things well, it hasn’t been easy coping with a wife who drove their son to suicide, learning that their son is gay, and the uncertain outcome of his coma. Yet, his mum urges him to forgive his wife, stressing that they must move forward as a united family.

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However, the family is about to receive devastating news concerning Lolu. 

Mandy finds out about Lolu

Mandy is struggling to understand why Lolu attempted suicide on their wedding day. She believes there must have been something and even questions Tony about possible debt problems or struggles with depression. Tony tells her that only Lolu can answer, but the lack of answers is tormenting her.

“But, sir, I can’t wait. I can’t even sleep at night,” she confesses tearfully. “I don’t think I will ever be able to find peace until I know exactly what happened. Who tries to commit suicide on their wedding day?” 

Later at lunch, Mandy raises the topic again. This time, she says she found some documents in Lolu’s room suggesting he had money troubles. Tony’s mother, who had eavesdropped on the earlier conversation, is tired of her questions and breaks the silence. 

Mandy finds out Lolu is gay in Wura S1

“My dear girl, Lolu tried to kill himself because he’s gay,” she discloses. 

Lolu is gone

“They are saying there’s nothing they can do,” Tony informs his family. “Your brother, my son, is gone.” The hospital had called to convey the bleak reality of Lolu’s deteriorating condition — there’s no chance of improvement. Tony and Wura make the heartbreaking decision to take him off life support. 

Wura and Tony in Wura S1

Eve is particularly devastated. Lolu isn’t just her only brother; he has been her best friend since childhood. Tony tries to console her later, but the tears won’t stop flowing. He leaves her with some comforting words. 

“We have a chance that few people in this life get, and that’s saying goodbye to someone we love,” he says, but Eve is hoping for a miracle. 

Dimeji and Tumi’s hot love

No one notices things happening in a household more than the last born, and the ever-inquisitive Ebun notices what the entire Kuti household can’t see. “Do you think Tumi is seeing someone?” she asks her mother, even namedropping Dimeji, but Iyabo doesn’t pick up on it. The two childhood friends have rekindled their romance, but Iyabo and Mide remain oblivious. 

However, the whole of Iperindo is about to find out. 

Tumi and Dimeji are in love in Wura S1

Tumi, accompanied by Paulina, confronts Dimeji over his affair with Bisola from the mine who slapped him last week. He strongly denies anything is there, prompting Paulina and Tumi to demand he proves it. So he ascends a chair at the bar and loudly declares his love. His gesture puts smiles on the faces of Paulina and Tumi, but their happiness is cut short as Mide comes out of nowhere with a broken bottle and threatens to stab Dimeji.

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