Wura Season 1 episodes 73-76 recap: “She’s such an evil child”

2 June 2023

Wura Season 1 episodes 73-76 recap: “She’s such an evil child”

In this week’s episodes of Wura, Mide kidnaps Dimeji. “Enter that car,” Mide orders Dimeji, his voice filled with resentment and fury. He has taken his frustration over Dimeji dating his sister to another level — resorting to kidnapping him in an attempt to force him to end the relationship.

“Oya, call Tumininu and tell her you want to break up with her,” he orders a terrified Dimeji, this time with a gun to his face.

Mide kidnaps Dimeji in Wura episode 73 on Showmax

Dimeji is scared and worried. Mide is asking him to hurt the love of his life; furthermore, he’s making the boy miss work. Kazeem, who is driving the car, tries to intervene and asks Mide to be gentler, but he responds by insulting him.

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Meanwhile, trouble is brewing at the Adeleke household. Tony’s daughter, Koyinsola, is causing discomfort for Wura and everyone else. She arrives at the dining for breakfast and greets everyone, but Wura responds with a snide remark, “Finally, the nasty princess is here.”

This sparks a heated exchange of words between them, causing a migraine for everyone present. After the spat, she proceeds to ridicule and broke-shame Labake in the most hurtful ways possible. Grandma and Tony scold her, “Koyinsola, what kind of a child are you?” Tony’s mother asks, but Koyin doesn’t stop there and continues to hurl insults at Eve and Jeje. Only Lolu and Tony managed to escape from her caustic tongue.

Koyin steals Wura’s money

Koyinsola is only visiting is to get funds for a new business idea, which she calls “our own Coachella”. She presents a proposal to her dad, Tony, who eagerly takes it to Wura to review. Wura likes the plan but declines to invest because of Koyin’s numerous failed attempts at business.

“As soon as a new business idea pops into her head, she thinks the business is viable,” she tells Tony, who suggests they give Koyin another chance. “Koyinsola is aimless. As soon as she sees the next shiny thing, she drops the one in her hand and picks up the other.”

To get everyone on her side, Koyinsola turns on the charm and prepares a lavish breakfast. However, the lovely atmosphere quickly sours when Wura announces that her proposal has been rejected. Koyinsola, in a vindictive and petty move, takes away the meal she had served her father and stepmother.

Koyinsola steals Wura's money in Wura S1

Driven by curiosity or revenge, she snoops around Wura’s office and can’t believe her luck when she finds a stack of dollar bills.

Dimeji the lover boy

As they ride to an unknown location, Mide tries to force Dimeji to call Tumi and break up with her, but Dimeji claims he doesn’t have enough airtime. Mide responds by providing him with a pen and paper to write a letter saying he hates Tumi and will never see her again.

Mide forces Dimeji to break up with Tumi in Wura S1

“Bros, I can’t do such a thing to Tumi,” Dimeji pleads in pidgin English, but he receives a slap instead. Kazeem intervenes and reminds Mide that Dimeji is a good kid, a better option for Tumi than most of the boys in Iperindo. He receives insults for his troubles.

Dimeji reluctantly writes those words. However, when Mide looks away, he quickly folds the paper and throws it in his mouth. “Tumi and I are in love, and I am not going to treat her like that,” he asserts with a muffled voice.

A new enemy?

One of the most intriguing reveals in this week’s episodes is the introduction of a mysterious and menacing figure from Wura’s past. This character, whose name is yet to be revealed, tells Koyinsola Wura framed him for murder, which is not surprising, given Ms Adeleke’s capacity for all kinds of evil. It will be interesting to witness the level of drama this revelation brings to an already heated storyline.

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