14 December 2023

Wura Season 2 episodes 5-8 recap: “Toyin’s daughter is the devil herself”

It’s a fresh week with new episodes of Wura. Monday’s episode opens with a section of the Adeleke’s gathered at the dining table. Wura remains suspicious of Lolu’s strange stomach ache; she characteristically thinks Kanyin is involved. Kanyin is also covering her tracks, faking a stomach ache this morning, which relaxes Lolu’s mind but doesn’t settle Wura’s.

Kanyin is faking this sickness to invite Officer Mickey to the house.

Meanwhile, Labake is complaining bitterly about the jungle justice meted out to Fola.

“I still cannot believe what Paulina did to you,” she complains, blaming Paulina actions on the devil. Fola tries to make excuses for her, suggesting her anger is born out of hurt, but Labake does not tolerate it.

She is visibly upset and even threatens to tell Tony Adeleke, her boss and police commissioner, but Fola doesn’t want any help from the Adeleke’s. He says he would rather have died at the mob’s hands.

Dimeji visits Paulina’s bar and angrily matches his sister. She is excited to see him and queries why he is at the bar instead of being home with his family.

“Be with my family when my sister made people almost murder an innocent man,” he retorts. Paulina does not want to see his point, stating she merely overreacted but with good reasons because Fola is never innocent.

Dimeji questions if this was ever about the missing purse or revenge for their father, reminding Paulina that Fola has paid for his mistakes and spent years in prison.

Paulina doesn’t think it is enough, but Dimeji angrily reminds her he also lost a father and suffered the same things she suffered.

Iyabo is back! She saves Fola

Fola can’t seem to stay out of near-death experiences, and if not for Iyabo’s timely intervention, something devastating could have happened. After surviving being shot at by Paulina and beaten by a mob, Fola has a gun pointed at him by an angry Dimeji.

Dimeji had earlier gone to apologize to Fola on behalf of Paulina and promised to hear him out about his supposed innocence regarding their father’s death. However, Fola’s confession is not what the siblings want to hear, and Dimeji angrily brings out a gun to shoot him.

Then Iyabo arrives at the bar and shouts at him to drop the gun. Dimeji, consumed by rage and vengeance, refuses. Iyabo appeals to him and explains Fola’s innocence, but Dimeji stands his ground.

“Shoot me now!” an enraged Fola adds fuel to the fire. “Put an end to my pain and suffering.”

Kanyin’s first kill

While Dimeji is almost killing someone, Kanyin is having her first kill. She had invited Officer Mike for some good time with everyone out. As he arrives, they quickly get to action with romance. She distracts him with touches and manages to steal his phone to get the recording.

She goes to the bathroom to send the file while the officer pops a pill for sexual enhancement. When she returns, they get back to foreplay. As they continue in bed, Officer Mike has an asthma attack. A scared Kanyin searches around for the inhaler but cannot find it.

After a few minutes, the officer passes on. She is shocked and devastated but knows she has to find a way to dispose of the body.

After unsuccessfully attempting to chop the body into several pieces, she decides just to bury him. Unfortunately for her, Wura follows her and records her doing it.

A new Wura enemy?

There is someone new in Iperindo, specifically in Wura’s house.

She is a stunning beauty, the type who turns heads and confuses even the most faithful man. Her name
is Dr. Bose Williams; she is a friend of Wura who is staying with them for a while.

“Who is your beautiful friend?” Kanyin asks as she meets her dad welcoming the doctor.

You can sense her shock at the doctor’s radiant beauty. A few minutes into her stay in the house, Tony walks into Williams moisturizing her body. He is suddenly dumbfounded and unsure about looking away or focusing on the lovely sight. Ms. Williams smiles mischievously, like a predator leading a prey into her

Now, Tony is unsure if he wants Ms. Williams in the house. Will she become a new Wura enemy?

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