Youngins Season 1 episodes 10-12 recap: Bloodshed

By Gen Terblanche1 March 2024

Youngins Season 1 episodes 10-12 recap: Bloodshed

Youngins episodes 10-12 centre on Amo finding out about Zintle’s hidden pregnancy and abortion while the principal steps up his intimidation tactics against Amo. And Khaya faces expulsion and the wrath of both Mr Ramathuba and his father, while Tumelo tries to win back Sefako.  

What happened in Youngins episodes 7-9? 

Amo (Ayakha Ntunja) and Mahlatse (Thabiso Ramotshela) fought to befriend another student, Zintle (Lihle Ngubo), hoping to stop her from being preyed on by Principal Mthembu (Loyiso Macdonald) who’s guilty of statutory rape. But Principal Mthembu, suspecting that Amo was onto him, stepped up his efforts to isolate and intimidate her and her friends. Tumelo (Lebohang Lephatsoana) struggled to understand his new love Alex’s (Katlego Moloke) non-binary gender expression and Tumelo publically humiliated and dumped them at the Freshers Ball when Alex showed up in a beautiful, feminine outfit. And after finally passing a maths test thanks to the principal’s dedicated efforts tutoring him, Khaya (Toka Matabane) got above himself at the Freshers Ball, got drunk, and insulted his maths teacher Mr Ramathuba (Simo Magwaza) to his face in every possible way. 

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What happened in Youngins episode 10? 

The school day starts with hangovers and red eyes, but there’s worse to come when Sefako (Tabile Tau) shows his roommate Khaya the video of him insulting Mr Ramathuba, which has gone viral on social media. As news of the Freshers Ball chaos spreads, Pearl (Keneilwe Matidze) tries to teach the students why they shouldn’t be drinking at their age. The school authorities leave Khaya to stew in terror for an entire day without consequences, and Khaya tries to apologise to Mr Ramathuba. But what can you really say when you’ve accused someone of being a failed product of the Bantu Education system?  

The students go into full detective mode when Palesa (Amogelang Telekelo) waves around a pregnancy test that she found in the bathroom of the girls’ dorms and demands to know who’s been ignoring her campaign to get everyone to use condoms. News travels fast and Khaya gets accused of impregnating his girlfriend, head girl (Kealeboga Masango), while class clown Tshepo (Tshepo Matlala) comes up with every vulgar, misogynistic and homophobic taunt he can about pregnancy. And when Tumelo tries to get Alex to apologise for “humiliating” him at the Freshers Ball, Alex points out that they’re not the problem, they’re proud of who they are and the real issue is Tumelo’s internalised homophobia.  

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Amo has a sinking feeling that Zintle could be pregnant, but neither she nor Mahlatse know who to tell or what to do to help her. Meanwhile Principal Mthembu (Loyiso Macdonald) continues to target Amo for intimidation and she walks into her dorm to find him staging another raid with Matron Lulu (Sannah Mnchunu), during which they even cut up Amo’s stuffed toy. And the day ends with both Amo and Khaya getting called to the principal’s office.  

What happened in Youngins episode 11? 

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Amo and Mahlatse are still struggling to figure out how to help Zintle. Mahlatse tells Amo a story about his mom warning him to mind his own business when a girl back home was in trouble the way that Zintle is … and adds that because nobody could or would help, the girl later died. Mahlatse warns Amo that the consequences of both helping and not helping are sky high because if they keep pursuing this, the principal is going to do everything in his power to destroy Amo along with Zintle … and Zintle won’t thank her for it. But when Amo sees Zintle begging and pleading with the principal and him rejecting her out of hand, she can’t bear to leave Zintle to suffer.  

Mr Ramathuba tries to shore up his bruised ego as he pounces on Tumelo for using his phone in class, kicks him out and gives him detention. Sefako, as head boy, is in charge of detention and Tumelo messages him to tell him that he now knows how Sefako feels about Tumelo constantly trying to force him out of the closet, apologises for his behaviour and calls himself toxic. While Sefako tries to be stern, his resistance is showing signs of crumbling.  

Khaya is laughed at, jeered at and taunted when he’s sent down from school. Back at home, Khaya’s abusive father Freddy (Nubijana Madlala) and soft-spoken and protective mother Mamello (Sibongile Phakathi) try to get the truth out of Khaya about what he actually did, but Khaya lies and covers up how awful the things he said were. Khaya’s father is furious and warns Khaya that when he is homeless under a bridge he won’t even be able to spell his message correctly on his cardboard sign. And when Khaya’s mom tries to praise him for making an effort on his maths test, his father calls him stupid and lazy and asks where the other 38% on his test went. 

What happened in Youngins episode 12? 

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Khaya and his parents return to school to meet with the Principal and Mr Ramathuba. Khaya’s mom confronts Mr Ramathuba about picking on Khaya and reminds him that respect is earned and even Khaya’s dad takes Mr Ramathuba’s measure and doesn’t care for him. But the room goes cold and silent after Mr Ramathuba plays the video from the Freshers Ball. While Mr Ramathuba wants Khaya expelled, Principal Mthembu agrees with Khaya’s parents that they shouldn’t destroy Khaya’s future over this incident. And everyone agrees that he should be punished. Khaya’s dad is foaming at the mouth with rage and the moment they leave the office, he slaps Khaya in front of everyone before beating his son viciously with his belt in front of the distressed students. With no teachers present to witness the assault, only Khaya’s mom physically stepping between them stops the beating. 

Tumelo and Sefako kiss and make up but Sefako sets out his boundaries clearly: no outing him or the relationship, no attention, no drama, and no screaming from the sidelines during his soccer games. Tumelo is eager to agree, and even drops his attempts to explain to Sefako what gender non-binary means. 

Amo finds out that Zintle isn’t in class and starts desperately searching for her. Zintle has told her friends that she’s just in bed with period cramps, but when Amo finally tracks her down, she’s bleeding heavily and sweating in agony. While Zintle tries to get rid of Amo, Amo realises that Zintle has been to a backstreet abortionist and despite Zintle’s protests, she calls for medical help and Zintle is rushed away in an ambulance. As Amo watches in shock with blood still on her hands, she catches the principal’s eye and doesn’t look away.  

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What is Youngins about? 

Tshedza Pictures’ (Adulting, Outlaws) Youngins follows five students at government boarding school Olifantsfontein High – new girl Amo Mosweu (Ayakha Ntunja), head girl Buhle Kunene (Kealeboga Masango), Buhle’s soccer star boyfriend Khaya Jali (Toka Matabane), Tumelo Dibakwane (Lebohang Lephatsoana) who’s the only openly gay boy in school, and his Grade 10 friend and roommate Mahlatse Jiyane (Thabiso Ramotshela), who’s the school’s drug dealer. When Amo uncovers Principal Mthembu’s (Loyiso Macdonald) predatory behaviour around female students, she and her four new friends become targets.  

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