Youngins Season 1 episodes 25-27 recap: Sweet 16

By Gen Terblanche5 April 2024

Youngins Season 1 episodes 25-27 recap: Sweet 16

Episodes 25-27 centre on the emotional fallout of the Valentine’s Ball, and on Tumelo’s “Slutty Sixteenth” birthday party. Tumelo and Sefako get back together, Sefako figures out that Khaya has a crush on Amo, Amo ghosts Khaya, Tshepi dumps Mahlatse, and Amo and Mahlatse agree to be friends again. Mr Ramathuba drags Amo, Alex and Palesa to the principal’s office when he catches Palesa showing the others R-rated videos in his class.

Khaya invites Amo to his dorm room and scams his mom out of R500 to buy flowers and a promise ring for her. But when Amo and all her friends make up, she tells Khaya that she can’t betray Buhle. Tumelo starts a stokvel for his birthday bash, but after Tumelo confronts Sefako about ditching his party to go hang out with his buddies, a furious Sefako backhands him in private. 

What happened in Youngins episodes 22-24? 

The Olifants students pushed the boat out for Valentine’s Day. When Principal Mthembu (Loyiso Macdonald) tried to cancel the Valentine’s Ball to punish Amo (Ayakha Ntunja) and her friends from trying to expose him as a groomer, head girl Buhle (Kealeboga Masango) pushed back with a PowerPoint presentation, pleading and persistence. A student named Tshepi (Oratile Dithakgiso) made a play for Mahlatse (Thabiso Ramotshela), while Palesa (Amogelang Telekelo) and Tumelo’s (Lebohang Lephatsoana) ex-love, Alex (Katlego Moloke), set up a Bachelorette-style rose ceremony so Amo could pick a date for the ball. And Khaya (Toka Matabane) went all out with a Zulu proposal to invite Buhle to be his date. But the shocker of the night happened when Amo rolled up with her date … Tumelo’s secret love, Sefako (Tabile Tau), the head boy! And Khaya secretly kissed Amo after confronting her about her date. 

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What happened in Youngins episode 25? 

Everyone is in the emotional fallout zone following the Valentine’s Ball. Sefako immediately sniffs out Khaya’s crush on Amo when Khaya questions his intentions and warns Sefako to leave her alone. Tumelo drops hints to his TikTok audience about Amo being a backstabbing “vulture”, and Palesa and Alex are convinced that Amo snuck off to have sex during the ball. Mahlatse and Amo agree to be friends again, but while Mahlatse is chatting with Amo after school, he bolts for the bushes to dodge Tshepi, who’s hunting for him. Later Tshepi gives Mahlatse another lesson in clear communication when she sees that he’s not into her, and promptly breaks up with him.  

Buhle’s on the alert after Khaya tells her that he’ll be playing soccer when she asks him if he wants to play around with her, and Khaya is alarmed when Buhle tells him that, out of the goodness of her heart, she’s going to make up with Amo. Later when Khaya finally runs Amo to ground because she’s been ghosting him (not realising that she’s waiting for Mahlatse), she points out that she doesn’t want to be a homewrecker – and Khaya acts as if breaking up with Buhle is now a them-problem. 

During pillow talk, Sefako reveals that he wants to be a chartered accountant, and he tells Tumelo that he’s afraid that the moment that he reveals he’s gay, his family will look at him the same way that they look at his cousin Tshepo – with total disappointment. And Tumelo admits that his whole family already treats him as if he’s invisible.  

What happened in Youngins episode 26? 

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Khaya invites Amo to his dorm room and offers his roommate Sefako R100 to stay out of for the night. When Amo confesses to Palesa that Khaya kissed her, Palesa urges her to go get that D+ on her report. And Mahlatse admits to Tumelo that if Amo felt the same way about him as he does about her, he wouldn’t be having problems with their relationship.  

Sefako admires Tumelo’s TikToks and asks him what he’s doing for his birthday, but when Tumelo offers to blow off whatever Mahlatse has arranged for him to hang with Sefako, Sefako refuses to come between Tumelo and his friends. Tumelo tells Mahlatse that his “surprise” Sweet Sixteenth birthday party is back on. When Tumelo asks his friends to start a birthday stokvel at R150 each, Khaya immediately hands over the cash (friend, from where now?). Mahlatse invites Amo to join the stokvel and she agrees, even telling Mahlatse that she misses him and would like it if they could hang out. Tumelo promises his TikTok followers an all-day birthday reality show and hints that he accepts gifts and cash.  

Buhle’s sexually frustrated but Khaya claims he needs to focus on homework, and Mr Ramathuba (Simo Magwaza) sends Amo, Alex and Palesa to Principal Mthembu’s office when he catches Palesa showing Amo and Alex sexy videos during his class. The principal instantly blames Amo, but when Palesa steps up to claim the blame, Principal Mahlatse sends Amo and Alex out, and demands that Palesa explain certain sexual phrases to Mr Ramathuba. 

Amo shows up at Khaya’s dorm and when she warns him that she’s not there for sex, Khaya tells her that they can just hang out, and if they work together as a couple, he’ll break up with Buhle. 

What happened in Youngins episode 27? 

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Buhle is curious when Amo gets a huge bunch of flowers from a secret admirer, and Palesa and Alex are disappointed when Amo tells them that she doesn’t want to break up Khaya and Buhle. Mahlatse wakes up birthday boy Tumelo with a cupcake, an old fashioned camera, and a shiny new sash, while Sefako struggles to find the right words to send Tumelo a sweet happy birthday text.  

We finally get an answer to how Khaya has so much cash as we see him scam R500 out of his mom for a “textbook” over the phone. Khaya promises his mom he’s trying to get a distinction, so Sefako can only shake his head in disapproval when Khaya needs a calculator to figure out what R500 minus R200 leaves him with. Later Khaya gives Amo a promise ring and tells her that it symbolises his promise to always treat her well, try to make her happy, and to never lie to her. But when she asks where he got money to buy the ring, he tells her that it’s not important! 

Mahlatse tells Amo that whoever dates her is a lucky guy and sometimes he imagines that he’ll be that guy. Before Mahlatse can un-fumble his words, Buhle crashes in to tell them that their party decor looks low budget. Amo gets cold feet about sneaking around with Khaya after Buhle tells Amo that she’s tired of being angry with her, and acknowledges that she understands why Amo kept her home life a secret. Amo and Tumelo also hug and make up as all Tumelo’s friends celebrate at his birthday party. But Khaya drinks directly from the vodka bottle and leaves after Amo tells him that it’s over between them because she doesn’t want to betray Buhle. Mahlatse builds up the courage to take Amo aside and tell her that he’s liked her from the first day he met her, and not just as a friend. Khaya drags Sefako off to go “party” with Mzamabane (Kadiya Banyini), and when Tumelo tracks Sefako down for a confrontation, Sefako shoves him into a fence and bullies him in front of his friends until Khaya steps in to defend Tumelo. Tumelo walks away broken-hearted but Sefako follows him to his dorm and backhands him, full force, behind closed doors.  

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What is Youngins about? 

Tshedza Pictures’ (Adulting, Outlaws) Youngins follows five students at government boarding school Olifantsfontein High – new girl Amo Mosweu (Ayakha Ntunja), head girl Buhle Kunene (Kealeboga Masango), Buhle’s soccer star boyfriend Khaya Jali (Toka Matabane), Tumelo Dibakwane (Lebohang Lephatsoana) who’s the only openly gay boy in school, and his Grade 10 friend and roommate Mahlatse Jiyane (Thabiso Ramotshela), who’s the school’s drug dealer. When Amo uncovers Principal Mthembu’s (Loyiso Macdonald) predatory behaviour around female students, she and her four new friends become targets.  

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