10 minutes with Unbroken star Elma Mbadiwe

18 June 2020

10 minutes with Unbroken star Elma Mbadiwe

The character Tallulah from Africa Magic’s Unbroken is no stranger to Twitter in Nigeria, especially given that she’s in quite the love triangle on the show. On the nights when she graces our screen, she attracts a significant amount of attention from fans who either cheer her on with Tivdo or condemn her actions – depending on how things have panned out that episode.


Elma Mbadiwe is the budding actress who plays Talullah on Unbroken. She’s also played Laraba on E.V.E, which, like Unbroken, is currently streaming on Showmax

On her role in Unbroken

“Filming Unbroken has to be one of the best things to ever happen to my career and my life actually because I got to meet and become friends with amazing people, from the cast to crew members,” she shared in an exclusive interview.

“The role was challenging but I learnt to take it one day at a time, and focus on the good, and now that we’re done shooting and the fans keep raving about it, I can only be grateful to God, and the executive producer, Aunty B (Biodun Stephens), for the opportunity”.

Given such a stirring performance, we want to know if there are similarities Elma shares with her character on the show.

“There is a little of me in Tallulah” she says. “I consider myself strong, and a no-nonsense person. I will always voice my opinion and would never let anyone bully me.”

Elma adds that Tallulah has been her most memorable character to date. “Playing Tallulah was very dear to my heart. A lot went into it, my time obviously, tears and sweat! Playing the character taught me a lot, and the fact that I had to do it for a year…it was just crazy.”

On a career in acting

Elma, who holds a B.Sc in Mass Communication from The Redeemer’s University and an Acting for Screen diploma from Royal Arts Academy, says acting has always been a dream for her.

“I used to act as a child because I enjoyed it. Now I figured I can earn a living doing what I enjoy. I fondly remember watching old Nollywood movies and re-creating the characters.”

But acting is not the only dream Elma has. Working with Genevieve Nnaji is high up the young actress’ wishlist and according to her “it’s been a childhood dream”.

More drama from Africa Magic

Having spent five years in the industry so far, we want to know what advice she would give to herself in the beginning when starting out.

“Go to film school in London!” she bursts out.

“It’s wise to learn about an industry before you go into it, and I would have been a better performer, I know that for sure. Right now, it’s still in the plan, but time is a huge factor. Leaving the scene for 3 months and then coming back would feel like starting over again. Also: I’d encourage myself to be more patient with the journey.”

Africa Magic’s Unbroken and E.V.E are streaming on Showmax.

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