11 Kenyan drama series to binge on Showmax while social-distancing

19 March 2020

11 Kenyan drama series to binge on Showmax while social-distancing

We can all admit that working from home or self-isolating isn’t as easy as we thought. But we are in this together, and the least we can do is recommend what to watch to pass the time and get your mind occupied, even if for a while. And what better shows than these 11 Kenyan TV series full of drama and plot twists that you can binge-watch on Showmax.

Selina S1-4

  • Best TV Drama – Kalasha Awards 2018 
  • Best TV Drama – Kalasha Awards 2019
  • Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama (Pascal Tokodi) – Kalasha Awards 2019

If you are looking for a fairytale romance and loads of drama to keep you company then the award-winning Swahili telenovela Selina is it. One of Kenya’s most beloved shows, Selina follows the love story between Selina (Celestine Gachuhi), a young woman from humble beginnings and the rich Nelson Mackenzie (Pascal Tokodi). While their love is doomed from the beginning, these two will fight to prove that their feelings for each other are stronger than any scheme or evil deed. 

Watch: Brenda Wairimu’s dramatic role as Rosette on Selina

Monica S1-2

  • Best TV Drama nominee – Kalasha Awards 2019
  • Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama nominee (Brenda Wairimu) – Kalasha Awards 2019

Brenda Wairimu. That’s all you need to add the drama series Monica to your must-watch list. Fully embracing her “bad girl” persona, Brenda (Subira, Selina) plays the titular role of Monica, an ambitious social climber who will do anything to get to the top – seduce the son of the Governor, fake education papers from a top university in London, abandon the love of her life, you name it.

Pete S1-2

  • Best TV Drama nominee – Kalasha Awards 2019
  • Best Lead Actor (Leon Ongaya) & Actress in a TV Drama nominee – Kalasha Awards 2019

What happens when a father dies without naming his successor to rule over a coveted island? Find out in Pete, a Swahili telenovela that follows the bitter rivalry between two brothers – the older Mbura (Leon Ongaya) and the younger Jasiri (Mutan Tamim) – who fight for the leadership ring and the control of Funzi Island. 

My Two Wives

  • Best TV Drama – Kalasha Awards 2018
  • Best Lead Actor in a TV Drama (Eddy Peter) – Kalasha Awards 2018
  • Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama (Diana Mulwa) – Kalasha Awards 2018

Any man who agrees to live with two wives under the same roof is definitely courting trouble. This is the predicament that Zach (Eddy Peter) finds himself in when traditions force him to inherit his brother’s widow (played by Wakio Mzenge, Selina) even though he is already married to the temperamental diva Tonie (Diana Mulwa).

Maza S1-2

  • Best TV Drama nominee – Kalasha Awards 2018
  • Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama (Angie Magio) – Kalasha Awards 2018

Brace yourself for the unexpected as Maza, another Swahili telenovela, taps into the supernatural elements the coastal town of Mombasa is known for. Produced by Lulu Hassan (Maria), Maza follows a woman whose envy unleashes an evil act you would not wish on your worst enemy – she turns her best friend into the family cat just so she could have her life which also comes with a husband and a house.

This Is Life

In This Is Life, young love is tested when an “old” friend comes to the picture while an unforgivable betrayal threatens a close friendship. Created, written and directed by Jennifer Gatero (Best Friends Forever), This Is Life follows a group of people trying to figure out their lives through the challenges of love, friendship, family and careers.

Watch: This Is Life tackles real-life matters of the heart

New Beginnings

  • Best TV Drama nominee – Kalasha Awards 2017
  • Best Actor in a TV Drama nominee (Joed Kariuki) – Kalasha Awards 2017
  • Best TV Series nominee – Riverwood Academy Awards 2016

A man wakes up from a coma to find that life has moved on without him in the drama series New Beginnings. Produced by Philippe Bresson, New Beginnings follows Sean who wakes up from a 5-year coma to find that his wife is now married to his best friend Derek (Joed Kariuki, How to Find a Husband) who is also having an affair with another woman.


Kona follows the Oyange family as they struggle to come to terms with their new life after their family patriarch dies in a grisly road accident, while also fighting to keep afloat the legacy he left behind – a boxing gym that is now run by his eldest daughter Julia Oyange (Nini Wacera).


Tony (Tony Njuguna) and Maria (Angel Waruinge, Tahidi High) couldn’t be more in happier with each other when their love is suddenly torn apart by an ambitious housekeeper who’s looking to pin her pregnancy on someone else.


Changes revolves around three urban couples in a Nairobi suburban estate as they struggle through their marriages, careers and secrets that threaten love and family. The explosive drama series which is produced by Njoki Muhoho features a star-studded cast of Ian Mbugua, Pierra Makena, Jimmi Gathu, Fareed Khimani, Mugambi Nthiga, Gaetano Kagwa among others. 


Created and produced by Philippe Bresson (New Beginnings), Socialites follows Cici (Diana Nderitu, New Beginnings) and her two friends as they chase money and fame, and are willing to do anything to get it because at the end of the day, it’s all about survival.

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