5 Kenyan actresses we can’t get enough of

28 November 2018

5 Kenyan actresses we can’t get enough of

It was Zamaradi’s Productions’ Appie Matere who in a recent interview said that the film and TV industry in Kenya is run by women. Look around, she was not wrong… from Supa Modo’s Marriane Nungo to Subira’s Brenda Wairimu, from Rafiki’s Wanuri Kahiu to This Is Life’s Jennifer Gatero, women are taking big strides and changing the game behind the scenes. Some, like Wanuri, are defiant to make their voice heard, despite how unpleasant it might sound to some people.

And even more women are capturing hearts onscreen, turning even the most secondary roles into show-stopping performances. This is probably one of the few industries in Kenya where women are truly winning and all we can do is sit back and watch the magic happen, even as if we find new favourites (like the ones below) and forever “stan” the ones that were here first. Lizz Njagah, Mumbi Maina, we see you.

1. Catherine Kamau: Sue na Jonnie

In 2018, under the genius eye of Tosh Gitonga, Catherine Kamau nailed being the extra friend who says exactly what’s on her mind without sugar-coating it in the romantic comedy Disconnect. Dear Kenyan filmmakers, we actually want an encore, but this time make a movie with Catherine and Pascal Tokodi just trading words and doing all sorts of shenanigans around Nairobi. MAKE.IT.HAPPEN.

In 2017 (actually until now), she nailed being the ghetto girl who can “cut” you, literally, if you mess with her in the dramedy series Sue na Jonnie where she plays the role of Sue, a woman who pretends to be someone else just to make some money. Catch Sue na Jonnie on Showmax. Watch now »

2. Nice Wanjeri: Auntie Boss

2018 has been good to Nice Wanjeri’s career. After years of cracking ribs as the naïve house help Shiro on comedy series Auntie Boss, her beloved character finally got the recognition it deserves when she won Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the AMVCAS 2018 in September.

This past weekend, Auntie Boss beat other favourites, including its own spin-off Varshita, to win Best TV Comedy in the Kalasha Awards 2018. Please someone, give her another mainstream project soon, we want to see just how far she can go. Catch Auntie Boss S1 – 7 on Showmax. Watch now »

3. Eve D’Souza: Varshita

varshita on showmax

Perhaps the best career decision Eve D’Souza ever made was to leave radio and focus all her energy into TV production. It paid off the moment she transformed into the over-the-top psychotic and entitled character Varshita on hit comedy show Auntie Boss that would, in 2018, bring life to its equally successful spin-off Varshita.

In the hands of D’Souza, we see a glimpse of the kind of girlfriend or wife that we never want to become because whew! she will drive you nuts. Varshita S1-3 is now streaming on Showmax. Watch now »

4. Celestine Gachuhi: Selina

She might not have been here for a long time but newcomer Celestine Gachuhi is a breath of fresh air. She is a little shy when you meet her in person, a trait that blends well into her titular role in Rueben Odanga’s Swahili telenovela Selina.

In Selina, we’ve watched her grow from being her evil stepmom’s puppet/play thing to a fearless woman who can fight her own battles in love and in life, a role that has made her 2018’s local TV It-girl.

And don’t even forget that with Pascal Tokodi, they have become TV’s favourite power couple. Errr… sorry Joyce Maina, but you’ve had your onscreen time with Pascal. Catch Selina S1 on Showmax. Watch now »

5. Angie Magio: Maza

If you have never watched Maza, here is a little warning: Angie Magio’s Kate is not best friend (or any type of friend) material. You will probably hate her in this role, because she is the sort of villain who makes your blood boil when she walks on to the screen. I mean, she turned her best friend into a CAT and took over her life while nurturing her (best friend’s) family into normalcy.

Hate her or loathe her (trust me, love is not even an option here), Angie Magio with her conspiratorial gaze and frown makes the best villain you’ve seen on TV in a long time.

Catch Magio in Maza streaming on Showmax. Watch now »

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