21 June 2017

5 Kenyan femme fatales on Showmax

Take a look at our pick of the most fiery Kenyan femme fatales, all on Showmax.

(Team mafisi, kindly bear with us: this list does not contain the Huddah Monroes and the Vera Sidikas of this world.)

  1. Nini Wacera


When it comes to TV’s baddest girl title, no one can hold a candle to the force of nature that is Nini Wacera. Her role as the villainous Suzanne in Wingu La Moto back in 2003 is what made Nini stand out as a favourite among Kenyans. Aaah, such beautiful times. Join Nini Wacera in critically acclaimed Nairobi Half Life, which was Kenya’s first Oscar contender. Watch now »

  1. Avril


When she’s not capturing the hearts of Kenyans with her latest single Uko, then she’s probably on a TV show somewhere breaking hearts. At the moment, you can find her in Sumu La Penzi as Eva, a woman who ensnares a married man just so she can enjoy the finer things in life. Watch now »

  1. Mumbi Maina


In How to Find a Husband, Mumbi Maina plays Jackie, ironically the only character who is not looking for a husband. Not that she doesn’t have men falling at her feet, she’s just not the kind of girl who will still be around in the morning to make you breakfast. Is there any man who can make this femme fatale capable of falling in love? Only one way to find out: watch now »

  1. Janet Mbugua


We know, we know, she doesn’t fit the profile of a femme fatale, but imagine what she’d be like if given the chance. Let that sink in. And if you need a little help with painting the picture, catch Janet in Rush as Pendo, a woman on the rise in both career and love. Or is she? Watch now »

  1. Torome Sision

Image source: Instagram

Torome Sision gives the hottie Serah Ndanu a run for her money as the resident femme fatale Lisa in Twisted, a show about trying to climb up the ladder in the male dominated world while also being enemies of their own success. Such pettiness makes Twisted one of the best shows to come out of the 254, plus the fact that it also features Brenda Mwai and Debbie Asila. Watch now »

(Dis)honourable mentions

And if you can’t get enough of these femme fatales on Showmax, here are a couple more.

Lizz Njagah – Find her on Jane and Abel as the ruthless Jane who is back for revenge from the family that ruined her mother. Watch now »

Image source: Instagram

Mkamzee Mwatela – Perhaps the role of femme fatale doesn’t suit her on Stay but Mkamzee has the capacity for being one. Did you not see her ensnare that delicious Nigerian boy toy in Mali? We forget his name. Watch now »

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