5 must-watch Kenyan titles in September

6 September 2019

5 must-watch Kenyan titles in September

Now that the kids have gone back to school and September has hit us all with that signature July cold, I’d say this is the right time to binge-watch all new episodes of Younger S6 and enjoy all the fun, sexiness, hook-ups and heartbreaks that New York’s publishing world has to offer.

Or maybe you want to watch a TV show that’s closer to home, like Brenda Wairimu-led drama series Monica or new series Njoro wa Uba. If that’s the case, Showmax really is the place to be.

If you can’t get enough of local shows, check out these Kenyan titles to watch in September.


Made by the MultiChoice Talent Factory in 2018, this film takes us to Ensulo Land, an isolated kingdom that embraces traditional ways of living, and whose peace and resources are threatened when it attracts the attention of a major water bottling company from the city. After the king falls ill, it falls to the young and inexperienced Princess Zuri to protect the kingdom from the outsiders who intend to exploit the kingdom’s sacred water source to cash in on the drought that’s hit the city.

Catch Ensulo on Showmax from Thursday, 12 September.


Another MTF film, Promises tells the story of Mwangi, a boda-boda rider whose life turns upside down when his wife dies during childbirth, leaving him with the newborn twins and a 6-year-old son. Balancing work and fatherhood, Mwangi struggles to raise his three children amid constant criticism from his in-laws. Pushed to the limit after an unfortunate incident, Mwangi falls into a life of crime and loses custody of his children. Can he overcome his challenges to keep the promise he made to his wife?

Catch Promises on Showmax from Thursday 12 September.

Pete S2

Produced by AMVCA 2017 winner Daudi Anguka, Pete follows the unending bitter rivalry between two brothers – the older Mbura and the younger Jasiri – as they fight for power and control of Funzi Island. After their father dies before he can name his successor, the two brothers become great enemies as they fight over the leadership ring that will make the wearer become the chief of the island. Caught in the middle of this rivalry is a beautiful mermaid who has been sent to retrieve the ring that, unbeknown to everyone else, could destroy the mermaids forever.

Catch Pete S2 on Showmax from Thursday, 19 September.

Nyanya Rukia

Set at the Kenyan coast, this show follows the titular Nyanya Rukia who is not your normal grandma – she’s energetic, loud and meddlesome; wherever she goes, trouble follows her. Brutally honest and sharp-tongued, Nyanya Rukia has no qualms about telling it like it is but the humour is not lost in her daily interactions and clashes with those around her.

Catch Nyanya Rukia on Showmax from Monday, 9 September.

New weekly episodes of Selina

It seems like the drama in Selina is not about to come to an end soon with Rosette (Brenda Wairimu) staking her claim on Nelson’s heart. Then of course there’s that intense episode that played with our feelings and almost gave us a heart attack by making it look like Nelson was actually going to propose to Selina. Oh, how we were betrayed – but at least this is also the episode that earned Selina a new fan in Noti Flow – the only Kenyan female rapper with a sick flow (her words, not mine).


Catch new episodes of Selina on Showmax this September, and let’s all hope that Brenda Wairimu continues to bring more drama to and cause trouble in the Mackenzie household.

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