5 Nigerian dating reality TV shows to check out asap

10 October 2023

5 Nigerian dating reality TV shows to check out asap

Big Brother Naija may be over, but the drama and love never end on Showmax.

So, seeking the thrill of romance in Naija? We’ve got you covered with some mouth-watering reality shows. These shows offer a different slice of the dating scenes from Lagos to Abuja.

From how friends and relatives can help secure a date to shy hearts shooting shots, here are five Nigerian dating reality TV shows worth adding to your Showmax watchlist.

1. Shoot your Shot

Anchored by the multi-talented Flawsome star Bisola Aiyeola, Shoot Your Shot is your one-way ticket to love! Shy hearts get a chance to woo their crush in the most romantic way imaginable. Bisola plays a love fairy, setting up dreamy dates for our hopeless romantics. Sweet words are spoken, love is professed, sparks fly, hearts melt, and love is in the air!

How it works:

The suitor contacts the Shoot Your Shot team to help plan a romantic date to woo their crush. Bisola contacts the crush to inform them about their suitor and ask if they want to meet them.

She then interviews the suitor and the crush to ascertain if they are single and eager to mingle. Finally, boy meets girl, and the question is popped. If the girl or boy agrees, it is another victory for the love fairy.

2. What Will People Say

Hosted by fast-rising media personality and The Real Housewives of Abuja launch event host Hawa Magaji, What Will People Say takes a unique and unpredictable approach to the dating game. Picture this: one seeker and six admirers, but here’s the twist – it’s a blind date, and the audience holds the power to choose the lucky admirer who goes on a date with the seeker.

How it works:

First, the audience votes on the admirers to stay in the game, and the one with the fewest votes is eliminated, but our seeker can replace the eliminated admirer if they care to.

The remaining five admirers are quizzed by the seeker, who still hasn’t seen their faces, and picks one of them based on their answer for the next round. The audience and our love guru, Didi, vote for the second and third persons to qualify for the next stage.

In the final stage, the remaining three admirers do a connection test with the seeker, and again the audience gets to judge whom our seeker connects with the most and picks them for a date.

3. Date My Family Nigeria

Date My Family Nigeria on Showmax

As Nigerians, we believe marriage is not about the two people but also the family. Date My Family Nigeria involves families and friends in the wooing process, creating a delightful mix of family bonding and matchmaking!

How it works:

The suitor visits the the families of three potential dates and is treated to a nice dinner after which the family members and friends pitch why they should pick their relative, who isn’t revealed to the suitor until he makes his choice.

Basically, the suitor’s decision rests on the family member’s ability to sell their relative as someone deserving of the suitor’s love.

4. Ultimate Love

Ultimate Love presents 16 strangers with uniquely different personalities who are presented with the opportunity to find their soulmates while co-existing in the love pad for eight weeks. There is no need for lengthy talking stages; you have 24 hours for eight weeks to know and see each other.

The cherry on top? A traditional marriage and a house if they get married within 90 days after the show and stay together for a year.

How it works:

The show is similar to Big Brother Naija in many ways: the love pad is like Biggie’s House; the aunty is like Big Brother, and the contestants get tasks and go through eviction.

The couple or pair with the highest votes at the end of the season is crowned winner.

5. Big Brother Naija

Before judging us, consider it carefully: Is Big Brother Naija not the ultimate dating show? We get couples every season, from the Americana Mercy and Ike to Sheggz and Bella.

Some of these relationships even blossom into marriages. Teddy A and BamBam from the Double Wahala season got married in 2019 in Dubai; there is also Gedoni and Khefi from the Pepper Dem season, whose union has been blessed with a child.

So, whether you’re a fan of blind dates, fairytale proposals, or familial matchmaking, Showmax has covered your Nigerian dating reality TV cravings. Get ready for a bouncy ride through the highs and lows of love in Nigeria, and who knows, you just might find a new ship to stan!