These 5 shows are dominating the Kalasha Awards nominations

9 November 2017

These 5 shows are dominating the Kalasha Awards nominations

Five Kenyan movies and TV shows currently available for streaming on Showmax have received a whopping total of 28 nominations in the 2017 Kalasha International Film and TV Awards, announced by the Kenya Film Commission on Wednesday, 8 November in Nairobi.

Among the movies nominated is the 2018 Academy Awards contender, Mbithi Masya’s Kati Kati, which topped the list with 13 nominations, followed by Aisha (featuring Joyce Maina – This Is It, Wrath – in a lead role) with a total of seven nominations.

According to the Kenya Film Commission, this year, the Kalasha Awards have been split into three categories, with the Kalasha International Film Festival set to take place from 4 – 8 December 2017, the Awards gala on 9 December and the Market set for March 2018.

Here are all the Kenyan titles on Showmax nominated for the prestigious awards. Note that you can also watch Tales from the Bush Larder on Showmax, which won the Best TV Show award at the 2014 Kalasha Awards!

1. Kati Kati

Kati Kati on Showmax

Kati Kati tells the story of Kaleche, a young woman who finds herself in an afterlife resort, stuck in purgatory with other souls played by some of the best talents in the industry like Elsaphan Njora (Groove Theory), Peter King Mwania, Paul Ogola, Mumbi Maina (Jane and Abel, How to Find a Husband, Shattered) and Brian Ogola (Jane and Abel). Watch now »

  • Best Actor – Elsaphan Njora
  • Best Actress – Nyokabi Gethaiga
  • Best Supporting Actor – Paul Ogola
  • Best East African film
  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Original Screenplay – Mbithi Masya and Mugambi Nthiga
  • Best Director – Mbithi Masya
  • Best Director of Photography – Andrew Mungai
  • Best Lighting Technician – Siobhan Wilson
  • Best Editor – Louiza Wanjiku
  • Best Special Effects
  • Best Sound Design – Florian Holzner
  • Best Production Designer – Emmanuel Murabu

2. New Beginnings

New Beginnings on Showmax

More of a noir thriller than a soap opera, New Beginnings tells the story of Sean, who wakes up from a coma after five years to find that life left him behind – his wife (played by Maya Hayakawa) is now married to his best friend Derek (Joed Kariuki). The series is currently on Season 4, but you can catch up on Season 1 on Showmax. Watch now »

3. Inherited

Inherited on Showmax

Featuring the ever bold Gerald Langiri (Fundimentals, House of Lungula, Stay), Inherited tells the story of a man (Langiri) who forced to inherit his brother’s wife after his brother’s death, as per an old tradition, even though he is already married. Watch now »

  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Original Screenplay – Mona Ombogo
  • Best Director – Grace Kahaki
  • Best Director of Photography – Philippe Bresson
  • Best Production Designer – Grace Kahaki

4. Tumaini Senta

Tuamini Senta on Showmax

A medical drama, Tumaini Senta features Nice Githinji (How to Find a Husband, House of Lungula) as Dr Tabu, who decides to give back to the community by setting up a clinic in one of the most notorious slums together with her college friend. Watch now »

  • Best Actor in a TV Drama – Olwenya Maina (Nairobi Half Life)
  • Best Actress in a TV Drama – Nice Githinji

5. Wakwe

Wakwe on Showmax

In Wakwe, a happily married couple fights against all odds and their parents’ disapproval and meddling to preserve their love. Watch now »

  • Best Director of Photography – Lucky Collins
  • Best Lighting Technician – Kevin Mutua
  • Best Editor – Hamad Kamole
  • Best Sound Design – Khamisi Mohammed
  • Best Production Designer – Shadrack Mwabuni
  • Best Actor – Ayub Bakari

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