Abdul Khoza’s #ShowmaxAddiction

4 May 2017

Abdul Khoza’s #ShowmaxAddiction

The inspiring star behind Isibaya‘s Qaphela, who is also a promising musician and winner of 2011’s Class Act (did you know he’s also a former fireman?), spills his TV binge-watch secrets and his #ShowmaxAddiction.

What are you working on at the moment that you’re excited about?
My music. Watch this space!

What made you decide to get into television in the first place?
I wanted to create something new. I love entertaining people by making something out of nothing. Come to think of it, we take words out of a page and create a character that can hold people’s attention and keep them entertained.

What’s your #ShowmaxAddiction?

What’s the last series you binge-watched? 

What classic series do you rewatch over and over and why?
Shameless*. It’s raw, it’s out of the box. You never know what’s going to happen next. It’s all-round amazing!

What’s your favourite childhood show from South Africa?
Sgudi ‘Snaysi.

Catch Seasons 1-2 of Isibaya on Showmax, and keep an eye out for Abdul in his role as Bheki Buthelezi in Season 1 of The Road, coming to Showmax soon!

*You can binge on Billions Season 1 and on Shameless Seasons 1-5 on Showmax.

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