Born Into Fame episode 3 recap: Phila honours his late mother

By Zimkitha5 July 2024

Born Into Fame episode 3 recap: Phila honours his late mother

Outside being the son of a famous singer, Phila made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as an actor and musician. Now he’s added “reality TV star” on his CV as is about to embark on a new journey with other children of popular parents in Showmax Original Born Into Fame.

Before leaving Gqeberha for Johannesburg, Phila went to visit his mother’s gravesite. He was accompanied by his cousins and aunts as he wanted to get his late mom’s blessings.

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Blessings on blessings

“It’s important for me to see my mom because she was one of my biggest fans, if not the biggest,” he said. The actor revealed that he misses his mom every day. “So much happens in my life that I want to share with her. So, I miss her all the time.”

He gave viewers an idea of the kind of woman his mother was, saying she was always youthful when she interacted with her siblings, nephews and nieces. “She was the girl. Everyone had nicknames for her.” When they got to her grave, his aunt spoke and asker for blessings as Phila was about to leave the Eastern Cape and go to the City of Gold. “Open up the pathway for him and eliminate any darkness, so that light can shine through his endeavours,” she said.

Phila, who was a finalist on Idols South Africa a few years ago, mentioned the importance of always having elders around. “I want to prepare myself for when they’re not around. So, the only way to learn how to do these things is to have them around so they can teach us how to manoeuvre,” he shared.

His aunt continued to speak and affirm the love his late mom had for Phila. “You know that he’s a hardworking child. I know how much you loved Phila. You’d speak about him all the time.” After she was done speaking, the family decided to clean the grave.

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A heartfelt message

Phila explained the significance of this action. “The reason why we are cleaning up her last resting place is just in honour of who she was when she was alive. She’s always been very well put together. She would tell me, ‘Phila, you must never look like your problems. Always put out there an image of confidence, of cleanliness, of style’.”

Before he left, he thanked her for taking care of him. “Since you left I’m doing very well, I’m sure you can see that.” He said his mom always fought for him, and shared how much he loves and misses her. “I believe in fighting as hard as I can. I’ll just keep it up because I know that she’s proud of the work that I’m doing. I know she wants me to succeed, but I know that she’s always around,” Phila said.

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