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Love to Love You Donna Summer is on Showmax

The sound of Donna Summer on Showmax

What’s a summer soundtrack without Donna Summer? Watch HBO documentary Love to Love You, Donna Summer and see the series and movies that keep her music alive today.  

Made With Money With Brian Cox is on Showmax

Two documentaries to stream after HBO’s Succession

Succession had us enthralled. From Made of Money with Brian Cox to The Murdochs: Empire of Influence, here’s what to watch after Succession on Showmax.

Kenyan documentary Softie is on Showmax

7 documentaries about the secret lives of people you’ll probably never meet

Discover 7 documentaries from Kenya, Nigeria and the world at large about amazing people you may never meet. 

Subjects of Desire is on Showmax

The best international documentaries on Showmax right now

Be informed and entertained by our pick of the top documentaries streaming right now – from HBO’s 100 Foot Wave to Subjects of Desire.

Imibuzo is on Showmax

South African true-crime documentary series to stream

It’s all too easy to get swept up in the emotional drama of a sensational court case. These true-crime series offer a fresh perspective with all the facts.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
Blind Ambition is on Showmax

7 must-see South African human interest documentaries

Don’t miss these stories of hope, ambition, courage and tragedy, all from South Africa and streaming on Showmax.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
We Met in Virtual Reality on Showmax

The best documentaries about our online lives

These thought-provoking HBO documentaries examine the ways we interact on the internet, and how it has infiltrated our daily lives.

Ziwe is on Showmax

5 of the funniest talk shows to stream on Showmax

Unflinching, unabashed and eye-opening, these talk shows from Ziwe, Chris Rock, LeBron James and more are bringing home truths to our screens.

The Last Cruise on Showmax

5 documentaries about the Covid-19 pandemic

Showmax adds medical edu-tainment to your streaming line-up with these coronavirus-related documentary series and movies.

6 documentaries on Showmax that are making headlines

6 documentaries on Showmax that are making headlines

From seedy sex cults to terrifying true crimes in Krugersdorp, these documentaries prove that truth really is stranger than fiction.