Cindy Swanepoel’s #ShowmaxAddiction

10 May 2017

Cindy Swanepoel’s #ShowmaxAddiction

Cindy Swanepoel plays Dr Annelize Roux in Binnelanders. Here, she tells us more about her TV addictions and habits.

What are you working on at the moment that you’re excited about?

At the moment I only have time for Annelize Roux, and whatever the Binnelanders writing team comes up with for her. She is such a sneaky vixen that I am totally under her spell. I am also doing radio dramas, of which Hartebreker (on RSG) is currently the one to listen to every day (at 09:50).

What made you decide to get into television in the first place?

I never thought that I would be on a daily drama, as I never really thought I had the face for it. I was so fixated on theatre, that I never really allowed myself to go to a different medium – but then Ballade vir n Enkeling (the 2015 movie, in which I played Meisie Moolman) changed my viewpoint on the subject. And with the movie, came opportunity – and I grabbed it, and ran with it. And look at me now…

What’s the last series you binge-watched?

Westworld. The series makes you wonder about the life that we lead, and whether or not it is real. I love a good series that makes you take stock of your own life, and its reality.

What classic series do you rewatch over and over and why?

Friends. Comedy has always been one of my huge passions, and in Friends, it is taken to a new level. Their comic timing is impeccable, and the script is a joyride of giggles and gags. I really hope that one day I will be part of a series that is so timeless in its observation of the human spirit – and that it will be something that everyone would want to watch, again and again.

What’s your #ShowmaxAddiction?

What’s your favourite childhood show from South Africa?

Wielie Walie. I have a passion for puppetry too, and Sarel Seemonster and Karel Kraai were the beacons of light and hope in my life. One day, I want to create characters of that calibre too.

What’s the one show you love watching but wouldn’t admit to anyone else?

The Bachelor. I am not the classic rom-com girl, but there is something amazing about watching someone either fall in love, or stab someone in the back without any excuses. Reality is eye opening, ugly in its beauty.

What’s one classic film every one should watch?

Muriel’s Wedding. Toni Colette is a comedic genius, and I love Australian comedy – it is very appealing to the South African palate.

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