Fans think Isibaya’s Sbu and Thadeka should date in real life

12 July 2018

Fans think Isibaya’s Sbu and Thadeka should date in real life

Let’s face it: not all on-screen couples have great chemistry. You know, the kind that makes you believe that their TV relationship is a real one? If you’re still not sure about what we mean here, just look at Nomzamo Mbatha and Sdumo Mtshali. The Isibaya actors, known as Thandeka and Sbu on the show, sometimes have us wondering what would happen if they got together in real life. That’s how convincing they are!

Goofing around

While the actors have hectic working hours, they also manage to squeeze in some time to play. Nomzamo left fans excited after posting a video of herself and Sdumo on set. And no, this wasn’t one of their passionate love scenes, but rather a clip showing they fun that they have on set.

The video not only made fans happy, but it also made them wonder why these two are not married. Imagine! One wrote in the comments section: “I can never get used to the fact that you guys aren’t married in real life. You’re a beautiful love story.”

That’s not the only fan who wants them to get married. Another one wrote: “I like the fact that you guys have fun, but I want you guys to get married. You’re such a good couple Thandeka you can make him happy…”

And of course, Sdumo also gets the same comments whenever he has Nomzamo on his Instagram page. “Oh wow I love you guys; the chemistry is too much. I wish you guys can date in real life,” read a comment from a fan. “I wish you were wife and hubby. You make such a cute couple,” commented another fan.

Some people have even gone on to say that the on-screen couple is the reason why they fell in love with Isibaya.

Awww… remember that time Nomzamo shared a video of herself and Sdumo dancing to Babes Wodumo’s Wololo?

Now that’s cuteness galore. They definitely know how to keep the chemistry – both on and off the screen.

Is she taken, though?  

But before you get too excited, we’re not sure if we’ll see Nomzamo and Sdumo taking their relationship off screen. In case you didn’t know, Nomzamo, who graduated from the University of Cape Town a few months ago, is in a relationship with Maps Maponyane. While it was reported that the two personalities had broken up, they have neither confirmed nor denied the reports.

Will Nomzamo and Sdumo ever be a real-life couple? We don’t have the answer to that (yet).

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