18 July 2020

Find Me in Paris S1-3

If you love ballet and/or time travel, you’ll love Find Me in Paris. This sweet series follows Lena Grisky, a Russian princess who’s transported from the Opéra de Paris ballet school in 1905 to the same spot in 2018, courtesy of a magical necklace.

Her boyfriend, Henri, will stop at nothing to save her from the sinister trio of Time Collectors, and bring her back to 1905. But meanwhile, in the modern world, Lena is learning to love cellphones, the internet, hip-hop dancing – and her alluring and mysterious dance partner, Max.

The longer Lena spends in 2018, the bigger the question: does she even want to go back to 1905?

In the third and final season, Thea finds herself in a very dangerous position and Lena has been forced to take a risk and spill her secret.

Margaret Lyons had this to say about the show in the New York Times:

“How are there so many cop shows but, as far as I can tell, only this one time-traveling teen princess ballerina show? This is a cultural deficit we must claw our way out of; just follow the earnest light of Find Me in Paris. Jessica Lord stars as Lena, who, thanks to a surprisingly powerful necklace from her boyfriend, is transported from her Parisian dance school in 1905 to the same school in the present day. If you like Netflix’s ‘Backstage’ but wish it had time portals, diet Draco Malfoy villains and time-bending secret mailboxes where teenage couples can exchange love notes across eras, try this.”

The series has a 100% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, and has a four-star rating on Common Sense Media, which recommends the series for ages 10+, praising its “international flair and a welcome wholesome feel”.

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