Find your tribe abroad in Oorsee

19 April 2017

Find your tribe abroad in Oorsee

Do you remain South African when you leave your home for greener, wetter and colder pastures? Does the longing for home ever pass? Watch Oorsee on Showmax in South Africa and abroad with new episodes added every Wednesday.

Every week there’s a wonderful competition where viewers stand a chance to win fantastic prizes.

Actress Charlenè Brouwer (Dis ek, Anna) and her husband, film producer Niel van Deventer along with co-presenter Gerrie de Haas, tried to find the answers to these questions by travelling to seven European countries where they met up with South Africans living and working abroad.

They meet a wide variety of expats – from actors to businessmen, artists, journalists, musicians and – no surprises here – rugby players! Along the way they find out how South Africans survive the cold winters and learn more about their successes in Europe.

Travelling from England to Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Austria and the Czech Republic, they share the stories of South Africans and get to know the cities they’ve settled in. It’s a travel show looking for the heart of home – and they find it in the people.

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