Fun holiday viewing for the kids

6 July 2018

Fun holiday viewing for the kids

The cold weather outside makes keeping the kids busy during the winter school holidays a big challenge. By now, they’re probably all but climbing the walls and whining about being bored.

Showmax has hours of kiddies shows and movies to choose from that will keep them entertained. Here are five recently added shows to stream.

1. Revolting Rhymes | First on Showmax

Revolting Rhymes if first and only on Showmax

Image: Magic Light Pictures

Featuring the voices of A-listers including Rose Leslie (Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones), David Walliams (Britain’s Got Talent) and Dominic West (The Wire, The Affair), this Oscar-nominated animation brings Roald Dahl’s twisted take on classic fairy tales to life. Watch it now »

2. Team Toon, S1

Image: Fremantle

What would happen if the characters your kids drew came to life? A scary thought for most, but thankfully the four teens who have the power to do this with their cartoons (which include a psycho squirrel) are using it to fight crime. Watch it now »

3. Tree Fu Tom, S1-S3

Image: Fremantle

Treetopolis is a magical place. It’s here that Tom saves the day with the help of his special powers and many friends. Watch it now »

4. Grojband, S1

Groj Band on Showmax

Image: Fremantle

There comes a time in every youngster’s life when they toy with the idea of forming a rock band. That time is now for Corey and his friends. Unfortunately for Corey’s sister, they’re looking for song inspiration in her diary. Watch it now »

5. The Highway Rat | First on Showmax

The Highway Rat is first and only on Showmax in Africa

Image: Magic Light Pictures

Adapted from Julia Donaldson’s (The Gruffalo) book of the same name, the film tells the tale of a greedy rat who’s sweet tooth leads him to stealing food from others. But soon enough it lands him in a sticky situation. Watch it now »

With so many shows and movies to stream, Showmax is a must for surviving the school holidays. And if you’re travelling, be sure to download your shows before you go to make car trips and plane rides that little bit easier!

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