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Tsholofelo Matshaba in Die Onderonsie on Showmax

Tsholo Matshaba talks about her role in Die Onderonsie and her love for comedy

SAFTA-winning actress Tsholo Matshaba talks about her role as Detective Mahlangu in Die Onderonsie and her love for comedy. 

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
Simoné Pretorius in Die Onderonsie now on Showmax

Simoné Pretorius on Die Onderonsie – and Britney Spears

Simoné Pretorius talks about her role as the band’s lead singer Jolene in Die Onderonsie, now streaming on Showmax.

/images/za.svgSouth African
Adrian Steyn in Die Onderonsie on Showmax

Adrian Steyn talks about his role as the lead guitarist in Die Onderonsie

Adrian Steyn discusses his role as Armand in Afrikaans dark comedy Die Onderonsie, now streaming on Showmax. 

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
Die Onderonsie on Showmax

Die Onderonsie (2023)

When five friends hold a reunion to confirm an agreement that hides a dark secret from their past, a dead body appears…

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
(From Left) Clint Obenchain as Crawl, B.J. Novak as Ben Manalowitz and Boyd Holbrook as Ty Shaw in Vengeance on Showmax

Vengeance: Stetsons, Frito pies and … murder?

Written and directed by and starring BJ Novak, Vengeance is a must-see crime comedy, now streaming on Showmax.

Bandit is on Showmax

Bandit (2022)

After escaping prison, a career criminal assumes a new identity in Canada and goes on a crime spree. Based on a true story.

Aubrey Plaza stars as Emily in Emily the Criminal

Emily the Criminal (2022)

Aubrey Plaza stars in this dicey crime thriller about a college student saddled with debt, becoming involved in a credit card scam. 

House of Gucci on Showmax

House of Gucci (2021)

Ridley Scott’s starry film tells the story of Patrizia Reggiani, who marries Maurizio Gucci and tries to take over his legacy.

Kimi (2022)

Kimi (2022)

This thriller from Steven Soderbergh stars Zoë Kravitz as an agoraphobic woman who finds evidence of a crime.

The prequel to The Sopranos fills in the past of the hit HBO show

The prequel to The Sopranos fills in the past of the hit HBO show

The Many Saints of Newark is a must-see for fans of The Sopranos, and stars the late James Gandolfini’s son as a young Tony.

Waiting for Goldman (2021)

Waiting for Goldman (2021)

Hitmen Mikey and Clinton have to kill a financial broker named Ivan Goldman. Which would be fine if they actually knew what he looked like…

Charm City Kings (2020)

Charm City Kings (2020)

Charm City Kings is a gritty coming-of-age drama about a teen who joins an infamous group of Baltimore dirt-bike riders who rule the streets.

Once Upon A Time in London (2019)

Once Upon A Time in London (2019)

Watch Once Upon A Time in London, the crime thriller based on the true story of two of London’s most infamous gangsters.



During the dry and desolate Namibian winter a tough cop is hot on the heels of an ice-cold killer. Her investigations unravel when a reporter publishes dark secrets from her shady past. But the cop is determined to catch the killer, even if she has to break the law.

Flatland (2019)

Flatland (2019)

When Natalie’s wedding night ends in murder, she and her best friend must evade the policewoman who chases them across the Karoo.

Black Dollar (2021)

Black Dollar (2021)

When you’re poor in Lusaka, you have to hustle to survive. A young man pulls off a clever scam, convincing his local politician to part with a huge sum of cash. But what happens when the man realises he’s been conned?

The Good Liar on Showmax

The Good Liar (2019)

In this suspenseful drama about the secrets people keep and the lies they live, a simple con was becomes a deadly, high-stakes game.

Motherless Brooklyn (2019)

Motherless Brooklyn (2019)

In 1950s New York, a detective with Tourette’s Syndrome investigates the murder of his mentor and only friend. 

21 Bridges (2019)

21 Bridges (2019)

In this Chadwick Boseman-powered thriller, a detective leading a manhunt for two cop killers is thrust into a massive conspiracy.

Scarface (1983)

Scarface (1983)

The iconic gangster flick starring Al Pacino as dishwasher-turned-coke-kingpin Tony Montana is now streaming on Showmax.

The Gentlemen (2019)

The Gentlemen (2019)

Guy Ritchie directs a star-studded cast, including Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant and Michelle Dockery, in this edgy crime thriller.

Arno Vosloo in Griekwastad

Griekwastad (2020)

After the 2012 murder of a family on their farm, the tough search for the truth around the murders begins. Based on the true story of the crime that shook South Africa. 

Knives Out on Showmax

Knives Out (2019)

This all-star murder mystery is about a famous crime writer being found dead, and the seasoned detective who arrives to solve the mystery.

20 Pound Dream on Showmax

Gideon Okeke stars in Japan-Nigeria coproduction 20 Pound Dream

Shot on two continents, in Yokohama, Enugu, Nnewi, Onitsha, and Awka, 20 Pound Dream is an arthouse drama from Andy Amadi Okoroafor.