Adrian Steyn talks about his role as the lead guitarist in Die Onderonsie

By Gen Terblanche1 December 2023

Adrian Steyn talks about his role as the lead guitarist in Die Onderonsie

In Die Onderonsie, five ex band-mates come together for their annual reunion, but a dead body stirs up suspicion and violence among the friends. With tjommies like these, who needs enemies?

The debut feature film from multi-award winner Philip Nolte (2023 SAFTA winner Sex in Afrikaans, Silwerskerm award winner Vossie Vergas Homself), the dark comedy co-stars SAFTA nominee Simoné Pretorius (Hotel), Binnelanders stars Pietie Beyers and Lindsey Cele, and Getroud Met Rugby stars Adrian Steyn and former Mister World South Africa Sean van Noordwyk. Also look out for 2023 Royalty Soapie Awards nominee Tsholofelo Matshaba (Kedibone in The River) as Detective Mahlangu and David James (Colonel Koobus Venter in District 9) as Thys.

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Die Onderonsie is produced by multi-award winners Red Pepper, the production company behind Black Reel nominee Vaya, Africa Movie Academy Awards winner Tell Me Sweet Something, and SAFTA winners Faan Se Trein and Hard To Get.

Armand is the swaggering lead guitarist with a big mouth. According to at least one bandmate, if you have anything, Armand’s version is bigger, better and faster. Nowadays he’s a high powered salesman…and a first rate liar.

Genevieve Terblanche caught up with Adrian to find out more about his role.

How did you come into the project?

If I remember correctly, I received an offer to join Die Onderonsie asking if I’d be interested in playing the role of Armand. I then asked to read the script first and turned out to like it a lot. And yes, the rest is history.

When did you film Onderonsie? 

We filmed Die Onderonsie in Johannesburg in March 2023. I had luckily finished filming on 7de Laan just before I started with Die Onderonsie, so I could invest all of my attention on the film.

Which of Die Onderonsie characters do you think you’d get on a Buzzfeed quiz?

Definitely not Armand! (Haha). I think I might get Kriel (Sean van Noordwyk). He’s such a cool, chilled guy who’s just wanting the best for his friends and others. 

What was your favourite piece of Armand’s wardrobe? 

His leather jacket, I think it looked cool, and also because it describes Armand so beautifully. For him, it’s all about status and appearance. 

Who were your ride-or-die friends as a young adult and is the gang still together? 

My ride-or-die friends were probably in high school, and not so much as a young adult. And no, we’re not all together anymore. I guess life happened, and we all went our different ways after school. Only one, maybe two still have contact. 

Who would you show Die Onderonsie to first among your friends and family, and why? 

All of them! I think it’s a lovely holiday film to enjoy with friends and family. There’s a bit of everything – drama, suspense and some lekker comedy moments!

Who in your life would you consider covering up a murder for? 

My fiancée and  hopefully she’ll do the same for me!

What is your relationship with the Artax drowning scene in The Neverending Story? 

I honestly learned about this Artax character for the first time doing this film. It became part of my research in preparation for the film. I have never watched the film before, only fully afterwards, but must say that it’s a very heartbreaking scene.

Can you play an instrument or sing? 

When I was younger I got lessons in how to play the saxophone but I never really pursued it fully. That’s very unfortunate if I think back on it today. I do sing, but only for myself. 

What does Armand actually do for work, versus what he tells people he does?

What he’s saying is true: he works as an estate agent. But as for his financial success,  maybe not so much.

What do Armand’s sunglasses mean to him?

He’s all about status and appearance, so I believe it represents his showing off of his pretending-to-be-successful life.

When last did you genuinely have a physical fight with another person (siblings count)?

My last physical fight was in primary school, I think I was grade four or five. I honestly can’t remember what the fight was about, but probably just petty things. It’s nothing compared to Nic (Pietie Beyers) and Armand’s fight, even though that’s not real.

Quick-fire questions

Who plays Armand in Die Onderonsie? Adrian Steyn.

How old is Adrian Steyn? 28.

Where is he from? Riversdale in the Western Cape, and he now lives in Cape Town.

Where did he study? BTech degree specialising in Scriptwriting and Educational Theatre from Tshwane University of Technology.

What have you seen him in? Adrian’s first major TV role was playing Ruben Cloete in Binnelanders (2017-2018), but he’s most famous for playing rugby player Ryno in Getroud Met Rugby (2019-2022) and Oppiekoffie barista Jarmaine Gervel in 7de Laan. When Ryno and Thinus (Arno Marais) tied the knot in 2019, it was Getroud’s first-ever same-sex wedding! And this year Adrian was a presenter on the kykNET rugby quiz show, Koppestamp. 

Is Adrian Steyn married? He’s engaged, soon to be married to his high school sweetheart, Ancke Gericke, a security analyst.

Anything else to know? If you’re on Instagram or TikTok, he might be your Fitspo! Adrian knows how to work that body.