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Adrian Steyn in Matilda & Matthys

Adrian Steyn as Matthys in Matilda & Matthys

The Getroud Met Rugby star Adrian Steyn plays the lead in romantic comedy Matilda & Matthys, streaming exclusively on Showmax.

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Emma van Heyn in Matilda & Matthys

Emma van Heyn on Showmax romcom Matilda & Matthys

Actress and singer Emma van Heyn talks about her role in the Showmax Original romcom Matilda & Matthys now streaming.

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Forever Yena is on Showmax

Forever Yena (2024)

When online “it” couple Tumisho and Asanda have a big fight during a social media livestream, it puts a strain on their relationship.

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Matilda en Matthys on Showmax

Matilda & Matthys (2024)

An ambitious writer goes on a series of fake dates with a tech entrepreneur for research purposes, but things soon get complicated.

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Forever Yena is on Showmax

Triple-bill of local romance on Showmax this Valentine’s Day

South African romance movies Forever Yena, Matilda en Matthys and Intlawulo are all streaming on Showmax in the month of love.

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Redeeming Love is on Showmax

Redeeming Love (2022)

Angel, who was forced into child prostitution, expects nothing but pain from men until she meets Michael. Adapted from the popular novel.

The Swearing Jar is on Showmax

The Swearing Jar (2022)

This musical romance is adapted from an acclaimed play by Kate Hewlett. Follow Carey and Simon, who are happily married and expecting a child, but a lie threatens to ruin everything. 

The Holiday is on Showmax

7 romance movies for your perfect date night

It’s just a movie, sitting on your playlist, waiting for you to watch it. Make every night date night with 7 classic romcoms on Showmax.

Ticket to Paradise is on Showmax

Ticket To Paradise (2022)

A divorced couple teams up to stop their lovestruck daughter from making the same mistake they once made in this delightful romcom.

Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me on Showmax

Marry Me (2022)

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson are thrown together in this heart-warming, crazy rom-com. A pop star marries a stranger from the audience after being betrayed by her fiancé.

6 movies about love and romance – with a twist

6 movies about love and romance – with a twist

In these unconventional love stories, the romantic relationships seem doomed – by time, space or other people. Can love really conquer all?

Licorice Pizza on Showmax

Licorice Pizza (2021)

Paul Thomas Anderson weaves a love story about a romance between a teenager and a twenty-something woman in California in the 1970s.

Beurtkrag (2021)

Beurtkrag (2021)

Unexpected loadshedding forces newly moved-in-together couple Jasper and Fransie to go to the darkest place of their relationship.

Moonshot (2022)

Moonshot (2022)

As Mars is terraformed, two college students sneak aboard a space shuttle to join their significant others on the red planet.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Writing, acting, cinematography, location, music all join to create a gorgeous, moving story of first love.

The Lost City is on Showmax

The Lost City (2022)

A romance novelist and her cover model get swept up in a kidnapping that lands them in a jungle adventure.

The Big Sick on Showmax

The Big Sick (2017)

Pakistan-born comedian Kumail Nanjiani and grad student Emily Gardner fall in love but struggle as their cultures clash. 

Expiry Date movie Showmax

Expiry Date is a cheeky local romcom that flirts with fun and disaster

Musa and Zipho are here for the honeymoon phase of a new relationship, but check out when things get rough.

expiry date

Expiry Date (2022)

Unlucky in love, Musa decides to play Expiry Date with his brother, a game where they date and break up with multiple women. But when it turns serious, Musa is faced with a choice.

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Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

Anastasia Steele is a naive student who finds herself in a steamy, complicated relationship with handsome billionaire Christian Grey.

After is on Showmax

After (2019)

In her first semester in college, good girl Tessa meets the rebellious Hardin, who makes her question what she knows about herself and her ambitions.

Klein Karoo 2 (2021)

Klein Karoo 2 (2021)

Frans, a 38-year-old documentary director, is forced to reevaluate his life after he is left in front of the altar for the second time.

/images/za.svgMade in South Africa
The musical In the Heights offers a timely, toe-tapping dose of joy

The musical In the Heights offers a timely, toe-tapping dose of joy

This colourful and joyous musical drama follows the daydreams and community spirit of a suburb called Washington Heights in New York. 

Troukoors is on Showmax

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