Housekeepers: Another loss for Linda

20 November 2018

Housekeepers: Another loss for Linda

It’s one thing to lose your mother, but it’s a completely different pain to lose your younger sibling just a few weeks later. This is exactly what Linda Ndlovu is going through on Mzansi Magic’s drama series Housekeepers.

Did Boni have something to do with Mtho’s death?

Just a few days after she buried her beloved mother June, the aspiring lawyer who now works as a domestic worker, lost the only other relative that mattered to her. In case you’re wondering how he died, well, we suspect it might have to do with Boni. Remember she said she’d take care of June’s children because they’re standing in her way?

We have a feeling that she hired thugs to kill Linda and her brother. It all makes sense right now, why was she so happy all of a sudden? Even her husband noticed that there was something different about Boni.

On the other side of town, while Boni was all smiles in her beautiful mansion, Linda and Mtho were running away from thugs who had guns. Although they were able to run, it looks like it was too late as one shot had already been fired.

This is all too much for Linda and we don’t know how she’s going to survive. This time, she even admitted that washing her mother’s body at the mortuary didn’t prepare her for this. Watching her brother die in hospital will probably turn her into one dangerous person. The Zwides have gone too far this time.  They’ve taken everything away from her, and we hope they don’t take her inheritance as well. 

Peter arrested

While it might seem like Peter and Boni Zwide are having their way, luck is not completely on their side. The lovebirds got the shock of their lives when police stormed into their home, telling Peter that he was under arrest. The shock on their faces was an absolute joy to watch.

Peter suspects that his wife might have had something to do with his sudden arrest. According to Peter, Boni sent an email to one of the detectives, telling him that she didn’t want to end up like his dead wife Veronica.

Although Peter is convinced that his wife is out to get him, she insists that she had nothing to do with his arrest. This is all so confusing right now. Are these two now turning against each other? Is this Boni’s way of making sure that she gets every cent of Veronica’s money? It’s so interesting to see what people would do to get their way, even throwing the ones they love under the bus.

We’re honestly still trying to deal with Mtho’s death. How many more people are going to die on this show? All this heartbreak is proving to be unbearable for some of us. We hope the next episode will not end in tears for us, and the rest of Mzansi. You can catch all the drama on Housekeepers right here on Showmax, express from the DStv broadcast.

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