Housekeepers: Boni destroys the evidence

23 October 2018

Housekeepers: Boni destroys the evidence

The first episode of Housekeepers had the nation shook. While we may have had an idea of what the show would be about, no one could have predicted that things would get hectic this early. We’re not complaining; we live for all the drama on the new Mzansi Magic series.

We knew that we’d be hooked on this show when Boni killed Veronica… on the day Boni was getting married to Veronica’s husband, Peter.

We’ll give you a second to breathe and take it all in.

Ready? Okay, here’s how it played out: Veronica, who was Peter’s first wife, was mentally ill – she was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. Peter was having an affair with Boni, who was Veronica’s PA. What made Boni decided to kill Veronica? It’s simple. She was jealous that Peter still loved his first wife. It looked like she didn’t mean to kill Veronica at first, but we believe Boni’s happy now that she doesn’t have to play second best.

Boni – who is just plain evil – decided to pin the murder on June, the woman who was taking care of Veronica. June was arrested, and now her daughter Linda is trying hard to clear her mother’s name. Linda, who had a bright future ahead of her, has decided to work as a domestic for Boni and Peter so that she can get all the evidence she needs to get her mother out of prison.

This is not going to be easy, though, because the only evidence that can prove her mother’s innocence – a nanny cam that recorded Veronica’s murder – has been destroyed. Also, Eunice, the only other witness, was killed by Peter. Now Linda has to work extra hard to save her mother’s life.

We find comfort in the knowledge that Veronica left her estate to June. In a video recorded a few years before she died, Veronica said she’s thankful for all the sacrifices June made to take care of her. She also made it clear that her husband and new wife get absolutely nothing.

Boni and Peter won’t accept this, even though it was in Veronica’s will. They prepared to fight this with everything they have to make sure they get a piece of the pie. How far will they go to get their way? If the past few episodes are anything to go by, we’re sure the lovebirds will stop at nothing to win.

So far, two people have died because of Boni and Peter, and there’s no doubt they’d kill any else who tries to stand in their way. Oh, and FYI, Peter and Boni don’t know that Linda is June’s daughter; it’ll be very interesting when they find out.

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