Housekeepers: Is Linda digging a hole for herself?

7 July 2020

Housekeepers: Is Linda digging a hole for herself?

In Housekeepers, Linda Ndlovu’s past keeps following her everywhere she goes. If she’s not having sleepless nights, she’s having heavy nightmares about the police finding out the truth about who killed the Zwide family. Linda now believes that she’s drowning and there’s no one to save her.

As if that’s not enough drama for Linda, it turns out the family she now works for, the Ngubanes, had close relations with the Zwides. Linda discovered this when Mkhonto, the lady who does all the dirty work for the Ngubanes, told her that Boniswa and Peter Zwide would be cremated at their funeral parlour.

The Zwides haunt Linda

Linda got the shock of her life when their bodies arrived in the house. Her body language changed and when Mkhonto asked if she knew them, she lied and said she only heard about them in the news.

She then let viewers in on what was going on in her mind at the time. “I knew they were dead, but to know their bodies were in the same house made me fear the Ngubanes even more. Evil attracts evil,” she concluded. You know what? Linda is very right about the Ngubanes.

The first season of the series followed Linda as she plotted to kill the Zwides because she wanted to get them back for causing her mother’s death. However, what she doesn’t know right now is that she’s living with people who were part of the plan to kill June.

Clive confronts Noli about June’s death

Noli Ngubane and Mkhonto are now doing everything in their power to make sure that Noli’s husband, Clive, never finds out that they helped Boniswa with June’s murder. It’s going to take a while to convince Clive that his wife’s hands are clean, especially after finding a USB stick containing incriminating information. He confronted her and asked if she had anything to do with June’s death. As expected, she denied it.

“Boniswa had a little problem that needed some cleaning up,” Noli said. “This is what I think… You and Boniswa killed her in jail,” Clive responded. Noli told him that although she had every right to hate June, it wasn’t enough to kill her. Well, it doesn’t look like Clive believes this story and it’s sad that the shocking discovery even caused his heart attack. 

The trust has definitely been broken here and it will be interesting to see how this family handles all these secrets going forward. Housekeepers Season 2 airs every Monday, express to Showmax from Mzansi Magic.

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