Housekeepers: June Ndlovu dies

30 October 2018

Housekeepers: June Ndlovu dies

There aren’t enough words to describe just how much we’re loving Mzansi Magic’s new series Housekeepers. The show is full of plot twists and just when you think you know where it’s going next, you get hit with a surprise. Let’s see what happened this week.

June gets murdered in jail

We all wanted June to make it out of prison alive, but sadly, our hopes have been crushed. The mother of two, who was falsely accused of killing Veronica, was murdered by another inmate. This is not the way the story was supposed to end. She had so much to live for. It’s often said that no parent should bury their child, but we feel like no child should ever have to bury their parent.

The look on Linda’s face when she discovered that her mother had been killed broke our hearts for real. We suspect that Boni had something to do with this murder. You know she would do anything to get her hands on that inheritance.

Linda seeks vengeance

As if seeing her mother in jail for a crime she didn’t commit was not heartbreaking enough, Linda now has to live with the fact that her only parent is gone forever. This has given Linda even more reason to seek vengeance. Justice needs to be served and she is prepared to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of the truth. Although she’s putting her life at risk, Linda knows that working at the Zwide home is the only way to clear her mother’s name.

We reckon she will be able to pull this off because it looks like Peter is already starting to like her. We’re not sure if he likes her just as a human being, or if he’s attracted to her. All we know is that Linda is now in his good books. He even complimented her for being a kind person, the type of woman he’d like his son to have one day. Now that alone shows that things could work out well for Linda.

She will also need to work extra hard to get the other housekeepers on her side, because now they all know her as the girl who stole Eunice’s job. Every time they see her they are reminded of the fact that Eunice disappeared without a trace. And to make things worse, Eunice has left their WhatsApp group. We’re just sitting wondering how long it will take for everyone to figure out that Eunice is dead.

Boni and Peter at each other’s throats

It’s too early in the game for Peter and Boni to be fighting and threatening each other. They’re supposed to be on the same side since they have a common mission: to bury the truth about Veronica’s death and to make sure that they get their hands on her money. But now the lovebirds are not seeing eye to eye and things are getting out of hand, with Boni even threatening to leave and take their son with her. We’re assuming that the pressure to get Veronica’s inheritance is putting a lot of strain on their relationship – two murders later and still no peace? Who would have thought!

Things look poised to get even more interesting on Housekeepers and you have no reason to miss a single episode. Stream every episode on Showmax, express from the Mzansi Magic broadcast.

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