Housekeepers: Linda is out for blood

13 November 2018

Housekeepers: Linda is out for blood

How long will it take for Boni and Peter Zwide to realise that Linda is June Ndlovu’s daughter? Also, does Linda have enough time to work on clearing her mother’s name? We hope she doesn’t mysteriously disappear before getting to the truth. If you missed last night’s episode of Housekeepers, we’ve got you covered.

Linda decides to keep her enemies close

Linda finally got the chance to do her articles at her dream law firm, and this truly was the break that she needed. She decided it was time to let go of the Zwides and seeking revenge, and pursue her law career. However, her first day at her new job didn’t go quite as planned. While she was excited about the possibility of being at a top company which would mean a great future for her, she also discovered something that could possibly change her life for the better.

Her boss asked her to assist with a case about a dispute over a will. Linda was told that a testee was allegedly murdered by the heir. When Linda asked if the murderer was guilty, she was told that the murderer is also dead and that the case would be posthumous.

Things got interesting when Linda discovered that the client was her mother’s former boss, Peter Zwide – the same man who framed her mother for murder. She also found out that Veronica left her entire estate to her mother. That’s when Linda decided to leave her job immediately and refocus her energy on clearing her mother’s name.

Linda believes that there’s no one who can fix this mess but her, and she’s willing to do everything in her hands to get justice for her mother. Because she strongly feels that the justice system has let her down, she decided to go back to the Zwide family to work as a housekeeper. This is obviously not because she’s desperate for money, it’s all about keeping her enemies close.

Peter instructed to deal with June’s kids

Is Peter feeling guilty about June’s death? It looks like it. He swallowed his pride, again, and went to the Ndlovu household to look for June’s daughter.

Peter wanted to give the family R10 000, which he described as a token of his appreciation for June, who took care of his wife until she died. The R10 000 bonus was sadly not welcome and Peter was asked to take it back.

“Over my dead body,” Linda told her boyfriend, who then had to tell Peter to leave the house.

Meanwhile, Peter’s wife Boni is still mad at the fact that she might not even get a cent from Veronica’s inheritance. The angry wife told Peter that she’s concerned about the Linda and her brother would be found and that they would be given all that money.

She instructed her husband to “deal” with June’s children, if not, she would be left with no choice but to fix the situation her way. We hope it doesn’t come to that.

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