Housekeepers: Linda’s staged robbery goes wrong

4 December 2018

Housekeepers: Linda’s staged robbery goes wrong

Each week, Housekeepers manages to keep on the edge of our seats. Imagine watching a show with different plot twists every single week. If you couldn’t watch Monday evening’s episode, we’re here for you.

Peter is safe, for now

You can relax now, Linda didn’t end up shooting Peter Zwide. She got everyone worried after pointing a gun at him, but, as seen last night, she meant no harm. It was some kind of foreplay. How weird? Now we know for sure that Linda is one focused lady and will use any opportunity to clear her mother’s name, even if it means sleeping with the enemy.

On last night’s episode, Linda, who also needs to raise money for her brother’s operation, devised a plan to get cash from the Zwides. She roped Thabang in on this and at first, it seemed like a great idea. They planned to fake a robbery. For this to work, Linda came up with a way to make sure that Boni and Peter were out of the house in the evening. Yes, she got all of that right and we were actually rooting for her.

Will Thabang’s life be spared?

However, things took an unexpected turn after Peter and Boni started arguing in the car. The fight was about the fact that Peter didn’t sleep in their bedroom. He lied and told his wife that he slept in Veronica’s room, but she didn’t buy the story. Boni was quick to tell Peter that she knows that he’s cheating on her. She even reminded him that he cheated on his dead wife, Veronica, for years and asked where he was the previous night. This got Peter so angry that he told Boni he wouldn’t stand for her “madness”. He then turned the car around and decided to go back home.

This is the exact moment when we started screaming. Peter and Boni were not supposed to get home this quickly. While they were on their way back to their house, Thabang was still busy tying Linda up to make the robbery story stick. However, Peter walked in while Thabang was still busy, Linda screamed so loud that Peter took his gun out and pointed it at the “criminal”.

Well, that’s where the story ended and we’re now worried that Thabang’s life could be in serious danger. There’s no way Peter would spare his life now, is there?

Thabang is a great boyfriend and we commend him for always having Linda’s back. The way he loves her is admirable. With all that said, we hope he won’t end up dying for love.

There’s certainly more drama coming your way on Housekeepers. Make sure you watch the show on Showmax, express from the DStv broadcast.

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