20 August 2018

How do I get Showmax?

Showmax is an internet TV service. What sets Showmax apart is a unique combination of hit African content, first and exclusive international series, the best kids’ shows, and live sport. For a single monthly fee, get unlimited access. Start and stop when you want. No ads. Cancel anytime – there’s no contract.

Go to showmax.com to sign up, create an account and start watching.

There is a huge catalogue of series, movies, kids shows, documentaries and more. Browse everything on Showmax here.

How much does Showmax cost?

Showmax Mobile costs R39 and the standard plan is R99 per month. For Showmax bundled with top live sport, news, music and more, choose Showmax Pro for R349 per month or Showmax Pro Mobile at R225 per month. Find out more about the differences between Showmax’s services here.

There are no long-term contracts.

Anyone can get Showmax – you don’t have to have DStv to sign up.

There are, however, special deals for DStv subscribers. DStv Premium customers get Showmax for zero extra cost, and DStv Compact and Compact Plus subscribers pay R49 per month by adding Showmax to their DStv bill.

There are currently no special deals for DStv subscribers for Showmax Pro.

How do I watch Showmax?

Showmax is available on smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, smart TVs, Xbox and PS4. DStv subscribers can watch Showmax on internet-connected Exploras.

Stream on two devices at the same time. Watch on one device while your kids or spouse watches something else on a different device at the same time. No more bickering over the remote control!

You will need access to internet to stream on Showmax. No internet? No problem – download shows to smartphones and tablets to watch later offline.

Which Showmax service should I choose?

ShowmaxShowmax MobileShowmax Pro Showmax Pro Mobile
Series, movies, kids’ shows, documentaries
Athletics, pro boxing, major international marathons, & more
Music channels Trace Urban, Trace Gospel
News channels Africanews, Euronews, Newzroom Afrika
Football: all Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, PSL and La Liga games 
Number of concurrent streams2121
Smartphone and tablet apps
Smart TV*, laptop, Android TV, Apple TV apps✓*
Maximum video resolutionHDSDHDSD
*Not all smart TVs supported

Follow these steps to sign up so you can start streaming asap.

I’m new to Showmax and want to sign up

  1. Go to www.showmax.com/signup.
  2. Sign up with your email and create a password.
  3. Select a payment method.
How to start your free Showmax trial

I’m a DStv Premium customer

  1. Visit the DStv self-service website
  2. Sign in with your Connect ID. 
  3. Select My Products. 
  4. Choose the DStv Premium package. 
  5. Click Add Showmax on the Showmax banner. 
  6. Accept the quotation.
  7. Click Add Showmax to proceed. 
  8. Once you’ve activated Showmax on the DStv Self Service website, you’ll be redirected to the Showmax website to sign up or sign in and start watching. 
  9. Start watching your favourite shows now, either through your connected Explora, on your laptop or PC, or through the app on your smartphone or tablet.

I’m a DStv Compact or Compact Plus customer

DStv Compact and Compact Plus customers qualify for a 50% Showmax discount, whereas DStv customers on Family, Access and Easyview have the option to add Showmax to their DStv bill, but pay the standard Showmax price.

  1. Visit the DStv self-service website. 
  2. Sign in with your Connect ID. 
  3. Select My Products.
  4. Choose a DStv package.
  5. Click Link Showmax on the Showmax banner.
  6. Accept the quotation.
  7. Click Add Showmax to proceed. 
  8. Once you’ve activated Showmax on the DStv Self Service website, you’ll receive confirmation that you’ve been successful. Then you’ll be redirected to the Showmax website to sign up or sign in and start watching. 

How do I get the Showmax app?

Once you’ve signed up to Showmax, you’ll be able to download the Showmax app for iOS and Android phones, for smart TVs, for the Xbox One and the PS4. The process is quick and simple. Here’s a rundown of how to download the various available apps.

  • Showmax app for iPhones and iPads running iOS 8.4 or higher: download here.
  • Showmax app for 4th Generation (ie the latest version) Apple TVs: download directly through the App store. (For earlier versions of Apple TV, use AirPlay and your iPhone or iPad to stream Showmax on your TV – read more here.)
  • Showmax app for Android phones and tablets running Android 4.1.0 or higher: download here.
  • Google Chromecast: Showmax is compatible with Google Chromecast (1st and 2nd Generation) and the Google Nexus Player. Make sure your Android phone or tablet has the latest version of the Showmax app and that it is connected to the same Wi-Fi connection as your Chromecast receiver. Read more here.
  • Smart TVs: Check the list of smart TVs that are compatible with Showmax here. If your smart TV is on the list, search for Showmax in the App Store and download the app that appears.
  • Xbox One: Search in the Xbox Store for the Showmax app and pin it to your home screen. Read more here.
  • PS4: Search for Showmax in the PlayStation Store and install the app. Read more here.
  • Laptops and PCs: No app is necessary – stream in your web browser on www.showmax.com.

How do I get Showmax on my connected DStv Explora?

If you live in South Africa, are a Showmax and DStv subscriber and have an Explora that is connected to the internet, you will be able to stream Showmax directly onto your big screen TV. Here’s how.

  1. Make sure your Explora is connected to the internet.
  2. You need an uncapped connection with a minimum speed of 2Mbps, with 10Mbps recommended for the best picture quality. (For more details, go to dstv.com/getconnected and select “DStv connected Explora”.)
  3. Push the blue DStv button on your Explora remote (or if you have an Explora 2, simply push the Showmax button).
  4. Scroll to Watch Now and select Showmax.
  5. Find what you want to watch and push OK on the remote.
  6. You’ll be prompted to sign into your Showmax account.
  7. Wait for the 30-second countdown, and then start watching.

What about data?

While you will need data to stream on Showmax, there are some great built-in ways to manage your data usage and make sure you don’t spend too much. Read the blog post below to find out how to save on data, and to get some tips and tricks that will let you watch movies and series without spending a cent.

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