How to check if your smart TV supports live streaming

23 October 2020

How to check if your smart TV supports live streaming

Live sport with Showmax Pro is best viewed on a big screen – but not all smart TVs support live streaming.

The following smart TVs currently support Showmax Pro

BrandProductReleasedOperating systemShowmax Pro support
SamsungSmart TV2017 & newerTizen 3 & higherYes
LGSmart TV2014 & newerwebOS 1 & higherYes
HisenseSmart TV2019 & 2020VIDAA U3 & U4Yes
(Sony, Hisense, Panasonic, JVC & more)
Smart TVs & Media Boxes2013 & newerAndroid 4.4.0 & higherYes
AppleApple TV 4th Gen & Apple TV 42015 & 2017tvOS 12.1 & higherYes

We are continuously working on adding more supported devices – for a list of devices that do not support Showmax Pro click here.

How to check your smart TV’s year

Checking what year your smart TV was released is not always simple. Here are some guidelines:

Samsung smart TV

Only Samsung smart TVs running the operating system Tizen Version 3 and higher support Showmax Pro. Tizen Version 3 was first introduced into the Samsung range in 2017. To check the year of your TV you will need to find your model code.

If you cannot find your model code on the exterior of the TV set, check your model code on-screen by pressing Menu > Support > Contact Samsung.

Model codes starting with the letter “U” look something like this: UA40M5300AKXXA.

The year is indicated by the 5th character (J,K,M,N,R,T) – see table below.

Year codeYearTizen VersionShowmaxShowmax Pro

All Q-Series (Quantum dot) models are supported – indicated by the letter “Q” in the 5th position of the model code for example: QA65Q900RBKXXA

Year codeYearTizen VersionShowmax Showmax Pro

LG smart TV

All 2014 and newer LG smart TVs using the webOS operating system support Showmax Pro.

Check your TV version via the on-screen menu: Settings > General > TV Information > webOS TV version

LG smart TV models with NetCast OS unfortunately do not support Showmax Pro.

LG ModelsReleasedOperating SystemShowmaxShowmax Pro
LG Smart TV2011-2014NetCastYesNo
LG Smart TV2014+webOSYesYes

Hisense smart TV

The latest 2019 and 2020 models of Hisense smart TVs running VIDAA U3 and VIDAA U4 operating system as well as Hisense smart TVs running Android TV do support Showmax Pro.

ModelNameYearOperating SystemShowmax Showmax Pro
65U8QF65″ LED Matrix2020VIDAA U4YesYes
55U8QF65″ LED Matrix2020VIDAA U4YesYes
65U7QF65″ 4K ULED2020VIDAA U4YesYes
55U7QF55″ 4K ULED2020VIDAA U4YesYes
65U7WF65″ 4K ULED2020VIDAA U4YesYes
55U7WF55″ 4K ULED2020VIDAA U4YesYes
58B7200UW58″ 4K UHD2019Android TVYesYes
50B7200UW50″ 4K UHD2019Android TVYesYes
2019 Models2019 Models2019VIDAA U3YesYes

You may need to update your TV firmware manually to enjoy the new functionality.

Press the settings button (it looks like a cog) on your Hisense remote. Navigate to All > About > System Update. Press Detect to get the latest TV firmware.

Update: 2019 Hisense smart TVs running VIDAA U3 now also officially support Showmax Pro.

Android TV devices

Sony, Hisense, JVC, Skyworth, Toshiba, Panasonic, TCL, Haier and many other leading television manufacturers all offer smart TV models running on Android TV OS 4.4.0 or newer. Check carefully before purchasing as these brands could also have models that use their own proprietary operating systems which do not support Showmax or Showmax Pro apps.

There are also many different media boxes available (some better than others) that run on the Android TV operating system – if it runs on Android 4.4.0 and newer, is not rooted and has decent DRM (Digital Rights Management) support, it should* support Showmax and Showmax Pro.

*We are not able to test Showmax apps on every single device on the market – so it’s best to do some research and check the above with the manufacturer before purchasing.

You can easily check the version of Android on most devices by navigating to Settings > About.
Note – this may vary from device to device.

Code NameVersionReleasedShowmaxShowmax Pro
KitKat4.4 – 4.4.4Oct 2013YesYes
Lollipop5.0 – 5.1.1Nov 2014YesYes
Marshmallow6.0 – 6.0.1Oct 2015YesYes
Nougat7.0 – 7.1.2Aug 2016YesYes
Oreo*9.0 – 8.1Aug 2017YesYes
Pie*9Aug 2018YesYes
Android 10*10Sep 2019YesYes
Android 11*11Sep 2020YesYes

Tip: In any Android TV device, look for the highest spec from well-known mainstream brands that run on a recent version of Android (8 or higher). The device must not be rooted and must have proper DRM support. We aren’t able to guarantee that Showmax Pro will work on every device due to the complexities of different components used by different manufacturers.

Apple TV

Apple TV devices from 2015 onwards running tvOS 12.1 do support the latest version of the Showmax app – which includes live streaming with a Showmax Pro subscription. You can easily check the version of tvOS on-screen by pressing Menu > Settings > General > About.

Apple TV ModelsModel #ReleasedShowmax Showmax Pro
Apple TV 4th GenerationA16252015YesYes
Apply TV 4KA18422017YesYes

If you have an older 2012 Apple TV (3rd Gen Model A1427 or A1469) and a mobile device that supports AirPlay, it should be possible to cast to your TV – please note we have no control over whether Apple will continue supporting AirPlay on older devices.

Other ways to enjoy Showmax Pro on a TV

Connect your computer to your TV set using a high quality HDMI cable. Showmax is supported on most popular and up-to-date web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari.

Devices that do not support Showmax Pro

BrandProductReleasedOSShowmax Showmax Pro
HisenseSmart TV2017-2018VIDAA U3 & lowerYesNo
HisenseSmart TV2014 – 2017Vewd / OperaTVYesNo
SamsungSmart TV2015 – 2016Tizen 2.3/2.4YesNo
LGSmart TV2012 – 2014NetCastYesNo
PlayStationPS42014+Orbis OSYesNo
XBox OneAll models2014+Xbox OSYesNo
DStv ExploraAll models2013+ExploraYesNo
ChromecastAll models2008+ChromecastYesNo
HisenseLaser TVs AllVIDAA U3 & lowerYesNo
HisenseRoku TVAllRoku TVNoNo
PanasonicSmart TV2013 – 2017Firefox OXNoNo
Apple TV1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation2007, 2010, 2012tvOs 11 or lowerNoNo
RokuAll Roku TV devices2008+RokuNoNo

We are continuously working on adding more supported devices and we’ll update you as soon as we do.

Why Showmax Pro?

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