Local thriller Wolf Wolf now streaming on Showmax

24 January 2019

Local thriller Wolf Wolf now streaming on Showmax

What began as a film school project with 20 different directors ended up being selected for the 2017 Echo Brics Film Festival in Moscow. Wolf Wolf: How Laat Is Dit, produced by Anna-Marie Jansen van Vuuren, was first screened at the 2012 Silwerskerm Film Festival, and was given the honour of closing the inaugural Mzansi Independent Film Festival in 2014.

And now, this Afrikaans period-drama/thriller, inspired by the works of Alfred Hitchcock and based on the story “Angsnag” by Gerhard Ehlers, is streaming on Showmax.

The plot goes like this: A disillusioned housewife finds herself alone on an isolated smallholding with a charming disabled man. As their attraction for each other grows, a journalist arrives hot on the heels of a serial killer. Then the journalist disappears…

According to Anna-Marie, the biggest challenge was creating a feature film set in 1976 with a limited budget. “The film as it stands today would not have been possible without so many contributions from friends and acquaintances – just proving again that filmmaking is a truly collaborative art form,” she says.

Experience the art form for yourself by streaming Wolf Wolf on Showmax.

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