Maak My Famous S1
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14 August 2020

Maak My Famous S1

Missing reality talent show Maak My Famous while they’ve been on lockdown break? Stream Season 1 as Mr Multi-talented himself Emo Adams and his crew of mentor-judges search for all-new, all-exciting singing talent across the country.

“We’re looking for bright stars who might not be the finished product,” says Emo, “but they have the potential. I have been in the entertainment game for years. It’s not for the faint-hearted. Maak My Famous isn’t going to find someone and dump them in the deep end. We are going to help nurture tomorrow’s stars because I was once in their shoes. I know what it’s like.”

Singer Tarryn Lamb is also on hand to find the talent who can mix singing with dance, because performing well in one discipline isn’t good enough anymore. “Singers have to be able to move to the beat, to keep their audiences entertained,” says the co-host. “You can’t stand still and sing. You need to move. We’re looking for that hit combination to make someone famous.”

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