Madam & Mercy: Mercy and Mapelo clash

18 June 2020

Madam & Mercy: Mercy and Mapelo clash

Mercy seems to have rubbed Mapelo up the wrong way. Although they’re now family, Mercy and her mother’s sister-in-law have their differences. It all started when they were getting ready for their girls’ camping trip. Mapelo showed up with a lot of luggage and things got awkward when she realised that there wasn’t enough space for her stuff.

“Next time we should have car specifications. The invite must have all car specifications,” she told everyone. Mercy took these comments personally and explained that there was a problem with the car they were supposed to use because of the corona virus.

She told Mapelo to hire a car for herself when they come back. “You’re making us seem disorganised.”

They had an argument before making their way to the destination.

Mapelo tries to make peace

When it comes to her relationship with Madam, Mapelo has shared that they are more like sisters, and that she and Mercy are “fine”. Although they are probably okay with each other, Mapelo didn’t like how Mercy handled the luggage situation.

“I could be wrong for speaking that way. But I wasn’t saying she’s disorganised. We were confused. We didn’t understand why Mercy was so angry,” she said.

Mapelo was determined to fix things and she approached Mercy. However, she told her to wait because she was still fixing her tent. This obviously didn’t send the right message to the rest of the group.

“I’m not the best person when I’m hungry and I don’t want to fight with anyone… This issue is frustrating me,” Mercy said.

Is Mercy’s apology sincere?

For the sake of peace, Mapelo decided to walk away. Later that evening, they sat and spoke about what happened. Mapelo explained that she wasn’t attacking Mercy and didn’t mean for her to take it that way.

She apologised for offending her and added that it wasn’t her intention. “If we can’t solve this problem then there’s nothing we can do.”

Things were far from over as the conversation continued the next day. Chandra advised Mercy to iron things out with Mapelo.

“I’m understanding and seeing the mess that I’ve caused,” Mercy said. They spoke once again and Mercy finally apologised for being out of line.

Is Mercy’s apology sincere? Their conversation continues next week. Get all the latest episodes of Madam & Mercy, now streaming on Showmax.

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