28 March 2023

Meet the cast of Mzali Wami S2

New Year! New cast members! Mzali Wami Season 2 returns with a bit of a facelift.

Season 1 of the drama series kept viewers at the edge of their seats for 13 straight episodes, and Season 2 promises to pull no punches either. Although, this time around the creators of the show have added and replaced a few of its cast members.

Read on to find out more about the characters and the stars who play them.

The storyline

If you were an avid follower of Mzali Wami, you’ll recall that Season 1 ended on a positive note. Mother and daughter Joyce and Ntokozo found themselves back in each other lives after a 20-year separation.

In Season 2, Ntokozo and Joyce return home to start a new life together. While they do receive a warm welcome home, their happily ever after is short-lived when mother and daughter are faced with vindictive and jealous family members.

The cast

Joyce – Lusanda Mbane (Season 2)

Masasa Mbangeni (Season 1)

SAFTA-winning actress Masasa Mbangeni is replaced by Lusanda Mbane who is also no stranger to the small screen. In this season, Joyce works hard to make up for lost time with Ntokozo, but her smothering love breeds jealousy.

Lungelo Mpangase – Ntokozo

Lungelo as Ntokozo in Season 1 of the show

Lungelo reprises her role as Ntokozo. So much has happened to Ntokozo – not only does she discover that she was abducted as an infant, but she also falls victim to human trafficking.

However, in Season 2, Ntokozo’s life begins to fall into place again. Not only does she start a new life with her biological mother but she manages to also start a new career. Everything seems to be looking up for Ntokozo, but more drama seems to be lurking around the corner for the young woman.

Ntokozo’s character is played by Lungelo Mpangase, who is known for her role on eHostela.

Sive Mabuya – Francine  

Sive Mabuya plays Joyce’s adopted daughter – Francine. At first, Francine is excited about Ntokozo’s return home. However, the attention Ntokozo receives from Joyce begins to rub off Francine the wrong way. Not only is Francine jealous of Joyce and Ntokozo’s relationship but it seems as though Francine wants everything Ntokozo has, including her boyfriend. Only time will tell what Francine’s jealousy will drive her to do as the season progresses.

Loyiso McDonald – Lungelo

Award-winning actor – Loyiso McDonald plays the role of Lungelo Hadebe – Ntokozo’s manager at her new job. Although Lungelo comes across as an honest man who is impressed by Ntokozo’s ambitious nature, we cannot help but feel as though he has other motives when it comes to his new employee.

Nolwazi Ngubeni – Sibongile

Nolwazi also reprises her role as Sibongile. After losing Ntokozo, Sibongile’s life falls apart. Not only is she devastated about the end of her relationship with Ntokozo but she also decides to end her 20-year-marriage to Godfrey. Ntokozo was the glue that held their marriage together but now that Ntokozo is gone, Sibongile sees no reason to remain married to Godfrey.

The actress is well known for her roles on Zabalaza and The River.

Ncibijana Madlala – Godfrey

Ncibijana Madlala who is known for his many roles on various telenovela’s such as Isibaya, also returns in the new season. Out of everyone, he is the most heartbroken about the dire situation of what was his family. Not only does he lose his daughter, but also his marriage of 20+ years.

Godfrey is so saddened at how quick his family crumbled that he ends up suffering a heart attack in the first episode of the new season. Will, Sibongile and Ntokozo return to nurse him back to health or will both women move on with their lives?

Dumisani Mbebe – Terror

After getting arrested for human trafficking, Terror finds himself rotting in prison for almost a year. However, he may have one more trick up his sleeve which involves his sister. Terror is played by Dumisani Mbebe.

Dumisani also acts in local dramas Housekeepers and Grassroots.

Oros Mampofu – Musa

Musa, who is Ntokozo’s boyfriend, is played by Oros Mampofu (Grassroots, Igazi). Unbeknownst to him, Musa is also Francine’s love interest, but unfortunately for her, Musa has eyes for Ntokozo only.

Catch Mzali Wami Season 2 streaming on Showmax.

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