Meet the real Varshita

7 December 2018

Meet the real Varshita

Eve D’Souza, the actress behind the craziest character on TV, gives us the lowdown on what it’s like playing Varshita.

Varshita, the Kenyan comedy that’s got the country in stitches, follows the very high-maintenance Varshita as she tries (over and over) to entice her beloved Donovan to marry her. It’s a glorious celebration of both Kenyan and Indian culture, and looks at culture clash without taking itself too seriously.

Eve D’Souza, who plays the main character, had a successful career in radio until this opportunity came knocking. She says playing Varshita is a form of therapy for her. “I’m an introvert by nature,” she says, “So many years of keeping things inside and letting people treat you however they want to, and then you finally let it out through a character – it’s amazing!”

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